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'IT is a people game'

Claire Govier, CIO at healthAllliance, talks about preparing the ICT team as the country’s largest shared services organisation shifts focus from regional to national operations.

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  • Education

    Scientists probe quantum sounds

    Physicists at the University of Sydney have uncovered a way to use microwaves to probe the sounds of a ‘quantum dot’, the latest promising discovery in the race to build super high performance computers of the future.

  • Globalisation

    M&A: Are you ready?

    How you can gear up for the changes presented by a company acquisition or merger.

  • Retail

    How Super Retail Group is dealing with digital disruption

    Super Retail Group is undergoing big changes as its commitment to the customer extends from its stores to the online world where digital channels dominate the shopping experience.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    Les Mills International: A global footprint

    The cloud is redefining the concept of a global company like LMI, the largest provider of branded group fitness and training programs.

  • Legal/IP

    Legal insight: The wrong development contract

    If your project is agile, and your contract isn’t, you may be signing up for a major dispute, writes Stuart van Rij of Wigley & Company. .

  • Security and Privacy

    Data breaches on the rise as attacks get more complex

    There were 1361 confirmed data breaches reported worldwide in the first calendar quarter of 2014, up 119 per cent on the 621 breaches during the same period last year, according to Verizon.

  • Finance

    Tata Consultancy Services annual revenue hits $13.4B

    IT services giant, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has reported annual global revenue of $13.4 billion for the 12 months ending March 31, up 16.2 per cent year-on-year.

  • Project Management

    An insider's guide to change management

    Change management is one of the key skills CIOs need if they’re to help their organisation embrace new ways of working. Divina Paredes speaks with several IT leaders who have headed transformation projects to find out more.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    Alasdair Thompson: Learning from the past and moving on

    The former Employers and Manufacturers Association CEO turns his “demise” from public life into personal success and peace.

  • Project Management

    Making the case for Agile

    Agile methodology is moving out of the software development team and becoming a core part of IT and business collaboration.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    'We are building a bigger digital capability': Tower CEO David Hancock

    Launch of SmartDriver app is first in a series of technology innovations from the insurance company.

  • CIO Confidential

    CIOs to Become In-House Brokers -- and That's a Good Thing

    In their new role as brokers and consultants, CIOs will be in an even more powerful positions. According to a new survey, about two-thirds of C-level executives and business unit leaders expect the IT department to have more influence on technology decisions in the future.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    CEOs see the CIO as key to digital success

    CEOs see digital as a team game and the CIO still has the highest visibility, Gartner's latest survey of chief executives has found.

  • Big Data

    4 qualities to look for in a data scientist

    Every business, it seems, needs a data scientist, but not everyone knows what to look for. The four qualities of a good data scientist described here will help you first write a job description and then evaluate candidates for your data scientist vacancy.

  • Mobile/Wireless/Convergence

    EROAD opens first US office

    Chooses Portland, Oregon, whose road charging system is similar to New Zealand

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