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  • A platform for growth and innovation

    A platform for growth and innovation

    Mobile first is fast becoming the default setting in today’s organisations. This new environment, however, requires mature planning and execution of programmes around mobile applications and devices. ICT executives from across New Zealand talk about the new business outcomes and challenges in this space, at a recent CIO roundtable held in conjunction with Unisys.

  • The next phase of mobility

    The next phase of mobility

    Finance executives discuss how the uptake of cloud services and rise of mobile devices are creating a 24x7 customer-driven environment. They share insights on how they are working through these rapid changes, while preparing for the next business technology trend, at a recent CIO roundtable held in conjunction with Samsung.

  • CIO Upfront: 'If this were new, what would you do?'

    CIO Upfront: 'If this were new, what would you do?'

    Stuart Haselden, director of IT services at Victoria University of Wellington, suggests organisations should ask this question when making important decisions.

  • New tools to lead through IT megatrends: EMC

    New tools to lead through IT megatrends: EMC

    Highlights technologies to help speed new application innovation, cut cost and accelerate move to hybrid cloud at ‘Redefine Possible’ launch in London.

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Customer obsessed businesses use co-location, strategy co-creation and hybrid skills: Forrester

How ANZ organisations are retooling their strategies to serve ‘empowered customers’

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  • CIO Government

    Security, Budgets Slow Mobility in Government

    Even as the federal government warms to some of the benefits of mobile technologies in the workplace, movement has been slower at the state and local levels, where officials say security concerns and budget constraints, among other factors, keep them on the sidelines.

  • Mobile/Wireless/Convergence

    EROAD extends partnership with Amazon

    Kiwi transport technology and services provider provides case study on using cloud services for international growth in AWS website.

  • Staffing & Retention

    How to stand out in the new mobile and digital job boards

    Robert Walters lists ways for both employers and job seekers to stand out as the recruitment arena moves towards digital and mobile platforms.

  • CIO Careers

    CIOs and CMOs failing to communicate

    At the heart of any good relationship is communication, yet a new study shows that CIOs and CMOs are terrible at it. They're not speaking the same language, bicker about the tech budget and argue over who should take ownership of mobile apps.

  • Staffing

    Tips for Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

    Full-time employees spend a large part of their day and the majority of their lives in the workplace, and how they feel about their work is important to them. In a recent Gallup survey, 63 percent of American workers are not engaged in their work, while another 24 percent are "actively disengaged." Disengaged workers are more likely to look for other opportunities, or worse, drag down the productivity of the rest of your team. Gallup estimates that the cost of disengaged workers lies somewhere between $450-$550 billion each year in lost productivity.

  • Finance/Banking/Insurance

    Analytics Project Wins New Business for Insurance Company

    Until recently, the homeowners' insurance underwriting process at CIO 100 honoree Bankers Financial was relatively rudimentary. A potential customer called an agent. The agent asked seemingly endless, sometimes odd questions ("Does your dog bark? Is it ferocious?") to get a picture of the individual, the property and the potential risk.

  • Mobile/Wireless/Convergence

    Internet of Things devices contain high number of vulnerabilities, study finds

    A security audit of 10 popular Internet-connected devices - components of the so-called Internet of Things - identified an alarmingly high number of vulnerabilities.

  • ERP

    9 Tips for Selecting and Implementing an ERP System

    Deploying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an expensive proposition, not just in terms of licensing dollars (SLA) and maintenance, but in terms of dedicated resources and time. And yet all too often, organizations, dazzled by vendor promises and hype -- Deploy our ERP software and your manufacturing business will instantly run smoother and increase profits! -- fail to come up with a viable long-term (or even short-term) roadmap.

  • CIO Plus

    Business Leaders Who Think Strategically About IT Infrastructure Drive Results

    As a result of the confluence of disruptors such as cloud technology, mobile, social media, and big data and analytics, organizations today are rethinking their IT infrastructure from the ground up -- and it's not just IT architects and data center leaders involved.

  • Essential Technologies

    Beware of the data lake fallacy: Gartner

    Analyst firm cites gaps in the concept and why information leaders need to take necessary precautions

  • Nominations deadline extended for IT Leaders Awards 2014

    Computerworld NZ, the leading IT publication of the country, and IDG, publisher of the title, have extended the nomination deadline for its inaugural IT Leaders Awards to August 15.

  • Security

    Homeland Security wants corporate board of directors more involved in cyber-security

    Setting corporate cyber-security policy and taking actions around it must be a top concern for the board of directors at any company, not just the information-technology division, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) indicated as a high-level official there backed a private-sector effort to raise awareness at the board level.

  • CIO Plus

    Customer obsessed businesses use co-location, strategy co-creation and hybrid skills: Forrester

    Forrester lists ways ANZ organisations are retooling their strategies to serve ‘empowered customers’

  • Technology

    NASA breakthrough improves 3D printing in space

    One of the limitations of 3D printing has been its inability to use different types of materials while printing one product. This has been an obstacle for 3D printing in space travel, which sometimes requires parts composed of several different materials.

  • Spotlight

    Secrets to CIO Longevity

    Enterprises that keep the same CIO in place for years -- and even decades -- have a unique culture of collaboration and consistency.