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The new collaboration portfolio

CIOs talk about the shift from simple sharing of information to true collaboration – across multiple channels, organisations and locations

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  • Mobile/Wireless/Convergence

    Top five myths CIOs need to dispel about Big Data: Gartner

    Analyst firm shares tips on how cut through the hype and confusion around Big Data.

  • Microsoft unveils “built from the ground-up” Windows 10

    Microsoft has unveiled its next Windows operating system, Windows 10, while also providing a first look at an early technical preview for the PC available October 1.

  • Staffing & Retention

    Student excursions to see real world IT will ease skills shortage: Edwina Mistry

    Edwina Mistry is bringing high school students to the IT departments of some of the biggest companies in New Zealand so they can see first-hand opportunities of working in the IT sector.

  • Security and Privacy

    Survey shows the cost of security breaches are on the rise

    The year since our previous Global Information Security Survey won't go down as one of the better years for information security. In fact, it may go down as one of the most grueling.

  • How Live Tweeting Is Changing Broadcast Media

    Television has always been a lean-back experience, a passive activity that millions have enjoyed from their couches, recliners and bean bag chairs for decades. Social media throws a monkey wrench into all of that.

  • Globalisation

    Queensland Rail selects Tait for digital migration of its radio communications network

    Largest rail network in Australia is upgrading systems across 50 sites.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    Inside the Secret Clash of CIOs and CMOs

    CIOs and CMOs like to proclaim to the world that they've become best buddies. They're the Dynamic Duo, Wonder Twins, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid of the digital frontier making rivals look foolish as they fill company coffers with social and mobile marketing-led sales. That's the public-facing story, anyway.

  • Consumerisation of IT

    Doing Business with Andy Farquharson of LogMeIn

    The vice president Asia Pacific of LogMeIn began his career as a rugby player and sports and events manager.

  • Staffing

    IT skills that are in demand, and those that will be

    IT professionals seeking certifications in the coming months may get their best return with cloud and security-related certifications. Agile-related training won't hurt, either.

  • Consumerisation of IT

    Social Media Rehab for CIOs

    Of all the questions I ask CIOs (and I've got an arsenal at my command), there's always one that stops the conversation cold. "So what are you doing with social media?" Um, me personally or my company? "Either." Um, well, let me think ...

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    Data Breaches Rise as Cybercriminals Continue to Outwit IT

    Online criminals remain at least one step ahead of many IT groups, according to this year's "U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey," conducted annually by CSO magazine, the Secret Service, the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Deterrence and detection are both falling short of their goals: The 500 survey respondents faced an average of 135 security incidents last year, and 34 percent say that number was up compared to the previous year. Just one-third of respondents could estimate losses from their breaches; among those who could, the breaches cost $415,000, on average. Legal liabilities and lawsuits after breaches add to the costs.

  • Innovation

    ASB Bank breaks traditional barriers, launches public API tech

    By sharing data more easily and enabling secure, customer-authenticated access, ASB will help foster innovation within the developer community, says Russell Jones, executive GM technology and innovation.

  • C-Suite Perspectives

    The evolving CIO agenda

    As technology and market changes surge, the CIO has become more critical than ever to an organisation’s success. Speakers at this year’s CIO100 event highlight steps to take in this shifting environment.

  • Business Processes

    NZTech searching for new CEO, Candace Kinser moves to new role after three years

    Tech is now third only to dairy and tourism as the largest contributor to the economy, there has never been a more exciting time to be advocating for the sector, says Kinser.

  • CIO Plus

    4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board

    To make the jump from IT to a corporate board, CIOs have to change their thinking. Their mission is no longer all about IT projects, ROI or uptime. It's also about educating boards of directors about IT risk, competitors and digital disruption. At CIO Perspectives Chicago last week, Adam Hartung, a member of National Association of Corporate Directors and managing partner of Spark Partners, offered some tips to CIOs on how to get on a board and how to bring value to the discussions once they get there.