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Getting IT Right Survey measures performance

Take the 2nd annual survey to probe whether IT is working at its full potential in New Zealand. The survey will remain open until December 20.

IDC New Zealand and the Getting IT Right Initiative have launched the second annual Getting IT Right Survey to measure IT performance in New Zealand.


The survey, first launched in 201, is the first New Zealand survey to measure IT performance on an annual basis. The 2011 survey revealed a number of areas that New Zealand IT and non-IT managers needed to work on to harness the potential of IT.


According to the survey, with more than 370 respondents, 50 percent stated that end-user requirements were not met for the top three priority projects in 2011. The survey also found that in a third of the companies the executive team had a role in only one or none of the top three priority projects. 


“It’ll be interesting to see if there has been any improvement in the last 12 months in terms of IT performance and business executives’ involvement in IT projects,” says Getting IT Right founder, Scott Groombridge.


“It is a pretty straight forward challenge, New Zealand companies heavily rely on technology to maintain and innovate their business operations. Yet, a significant proportion of investments and resources dedicated do not achieve the outcomes anticipated. The study aims at measuring the improvements over time as it is critical for individual organisations and the New Zealand economy as a whole to realise the benefits from their efforts to stay competitive”, says IDC country manager Ullrich Loeffler.


Business executives, ICT managers, project managers and line-of-business managers are encouraged to participate in the second annual survey at:


The survey will remain open until December 20, 2012. Participants will be entered in the draw to win a Samsung  Galaxy S II smartphone from 2degrees.

CIO magazine is the media partner for the Getting IT Right Survey and will publish the results in early 2013.  An IDC Summary Report of the survey findings will also be published in early 2013. 

See also CIO's article on last year's Getting IT Right Survey results.

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