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NZ Transport Agency (MIS100 2012)

2011 rating: 22

Senior IS executive: Craig Soutar, CIO

Address: 50 Victoria Street, Wellington


NoneUnder the wider umbrella of the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) are a number of external sites requiring differing levels of ICT support, service delivery and planning. This number includes independent and NZTA authorised garages/workshops for warrant of fitness (WoF) online, vehicle traders and councils for Motochek enquiries, motor vehicle re-licensing and driver licensing outlets.

This year, the NZTA will prioritise 40 to 50 projects across three portfolios: State Highways (for maximising safe throughput of people and freight), registers (for managing access to and use of the network, including managing changes to motor vehicle, driver license and related external systems), and enterprise (for improving the effectiveness of public transport, and for improving customer service and reducing compliance costs). The overarching goal, says CIO Craig Soutar is “creating transport solutions for a thriving New Zealand”. Smartphone devices connected to the NZTA system span iPads, iPhones, Windows Mobile 7 smartphones and Androids. Twenty of the 140 ICT-managed iPads are part of a NZTA BYOD (bring your own device) programme. The organisation has recently initiated a mobile device management capability project.

Though budgets are down slightly for 2012, successful value-for-money initiatives and innovative strategies have led to an increased number of ICT projects and staff. Recent examples include leveraging all of government ICT capabilities, paperless governance (including the NZTA Board) meetings and systems modernisation.

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