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Accident Compensation Corporation(MIS100 2011)

2010 ranking: 32

NoneSenior IS executive: Richard Doig, CIO

Reports to: Katie Sadleir, general manager corporate services

Size of IS shop: 127

PCs: 3778

Mobile PCs: 506

Terminals: 1022

Hand-held devices: 1202

Total screens: 6508

Industry: Government and defence

PC environment: Windows XP, HP

Server environment: Red Hat Linux; Windows 2003, 2008; Sun; HP

DBMS: Oracle, SQL, Sybase

Address: Shamrock House, 81-83 Molesworth Street, Wellington


Key IS projects this year: Virtual desktop deployment; integrated insurance system; eChannel refresh; datacentre consolidation; server virtualisation; Solaris platform migration; claims management and financial systems upgrades.

To support its corporate vision of “leading the world in accident, prevention, care and recovery”, ACC focuses on three overarching goals: the financial stability of the scheme, rehabilitation of injured people in New Zealand, and a reduction in both the severity and number of incidents/accidents in the country.

ACC maintains a sizable programme of business change to achieve these goals, which is supported by a range of investments in information technology.

Over the coming year, a key focus for ACC’s IS team will be the development of an integrated insurance solution. The system, which is expected to be introduced in phases over the next few years, will support ACC’s direction of improving customer service and business efficiency, providing greater flexibility for customers, and helping to enable the future strategic direction for ACC.

It also aims to continue to improve the ability for customers and partners to interact electronically with the organisation, and plans to build on the implementation of the customer portal for local businesses and self-employed people, with further investment in electronic interactions with the health sector, explains CIO

Richard Doig.

“Whilst there is considerable focus on IT projects that directly support business strategy, there remains a significant drive in ACC to achieve greater operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership for ICT in general,” Doig says. ACC has a large infrastructure change programme underway, including investments in virtualisation technologies and the rationalisation and consolidation of software and hardware.

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