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  • How to get fired in 2017: Have a security breach

    There are many reasons why IT professionals can be fired, but six out of the top nine are related to security. Fireable offenses included failing to modernize a security program, data breaches with unknown causes, data breaches that do not become public, and the failure of a security product or program investment.

  • Customer experience tops C-suite agenda in New Zealand

    “The difference from other years is that companies have defined how they are planning to do this, with targeted technology investments and initiatives,” says Louise Francis of IDC NZ.

  • Ransomworm: the next level of cybersecurity nastiness

    As if holding your data hostage and seeking cash payment weren’t harsh enough, security experts foresee the next stage of ransomware to be even worse.

  • Exclusive: Hot ICT jobs of the (near) future

    Potentia lists the trends that will alter the technology job landscape, and the roles that will push salaries to stratospheric levels in 2017.

  • Top 4 security trends of 2016

    As digital transformation overtook the enterprise in 2016, security professionals have struggled to keep up with a shifting technology and cultural landscape while keeping one eye ahead on the threat horizon.

  • What 2017 has in store for cybersecurity

    There is much uncertainty surrounding the security industry for 2017. Many of the trepidations of experts in the field are directly connected to what the nation’s next president will do. Find out what else worries them.

  • Hackers get around AI with flooding, poisoning and social engineering

    Machine learning technologies can help companies spot suspicious user behaviors, malicious software, and fraudulent purchases -- but even as the defensive technologies are getting better, attackers are finding ways to get around them

  • Know your (cyber) enemy

    Understanding who hackers are and what they want is key to minimizing the impact of a network security breach. Here’s how security experts are taking a mathematical approach to the inexact science of identifying hackers.

  • 5 tips to stay ahead of ransomware threats

    Ransomware is on the rise and promises to be an even bigger threat in 2017. Here are five ways to protect against attacks.

  • Many organisations falsely equate IT security spending with maturity: Gartner

    You could be spending at the same level as your peer group, but you could be spending on the wrong things and be extremely vulnerable, says Gartner research director Rob McMillan.

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