MIS100 2012: Top 10 trends

MIS100 2012: Top 10 trends

The leading business and technology trends noted during our MIS100 research.

1) Mobile mania — BYO headache. Some 68 percent of responding CIOs cited mobility as a focus for 2012. The ‘bring your own device’ idea mentioned by a handful of respondents in 2011 has turned into a virtual craze — it’s happening everywhere, across both the public and private sectors. “Support and use of BYODs will become our greatest challenge as these devices proliferate,” says Hylton Tuckett, ICT manager for Whitireia NZ. Investments in wireless technologies will help to support ICT objectives through the transition to a fully BYOD model. And this year, iPad deployments are becoming commonplace, even for government agencies like NZTA and Statistics New Zealand. Enabling and simultaneously controlling access anytime, anywhere and its security implications — this is what is keeping CIOs awake at night.

2) Doing more with less — the magic trick of the modern CIO,

In terms of IT management, doing more with less has become the new productivity metric, part of the economic reality of flat budgets and economic uncertainty. Strategic allocation of funds, re-investment into ICT with costs saved elsewhere, and the imperatives of prioritising projects have become the new ‘game’, through which the end goal is to create a fine balance of innovation, while supporting business as usual operations.

3) The evolving role of the CIO — raising the bar.

Last year, we saw the rise of the CIO-plus. In 2012, the CIO continues to evolve, with social interaction playing a vital part in the equation. Many CIOs talked about negotiating SLAs and contracts with vendors, the need for project management nous and working on, if not leading, revenue generation projects.

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4) Social media — gearing for primetime.

Barely a blip on the radar in last year’s report, nearly half (42 percent) of all companies on the 2012 list are now embarking on social media projects that go beyond marketing.

5) Cloud computing — the silver lining.

Investments in virtualisation have led to increased adoption of cloud technologies, further supporting mobility goals and advancements in user personalisation. Some 60 percent of CIOs cited cloud computing as a focus for 2012, with the move to a hybrid environment a growing part of the overall trend.

6) Virtualisation — one hot commodity.

The virtualisation trend continues in New Zealand, with desktop and application virtualisation moving to the forefront now, ahead of infrastructure virtualisation. Today, nearly 70 percent of New Zealand organisations have adopted some level of server virtualisation, according to ICT research firm IDC.

7) Shared services — what’s mine is yours.

In government and across the health industry, particularly, shared services have become a popular way of investing in new technology without suffering the set back of prohibitive costs. Pooling resources has allowed many agencies to realise ICT goals they would have been unable to otherwise, especially in this time of recovery.

8) All-of-Government — we’re all in this together.

More than half of the organisations on the MIS100 list are government agencies. Many of them cited this year how their work is being aligned with All-of-Government ICT capabilities, establishing a single supply agreement between the Crown and approved suppliers for the supply of selected common goods and services purchased across government.

9) Outsourcing — smart assignment of resource and funds.

An increasing number of CIOs mentioned outsourcing this year as a way to focus internal ICT attention where it can best be utilised. ICT partners like Gen-i and Datacom were cited frequently as chosen providers of hybrid networks and services. Fletcher Building, for instance, has recently taken advantage of Gen-i’s fibre-based products and services to increase productivity, support exporting to the rest of the world and create economic value for New Zealand.

10) Business continuity and DR — the show must go on.

The second most cited IT focus for 2012 was disaster recovery/business continuity, and the outsourcing trend made itself known in this area, as well. Natural disasters in 2010/11 served as a strong wake up call to many organisations — there is no such thing as ‘good enough’ — evidenced by the 68 percent of CIOs who mentioned this as an area of priority.

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