NZ internet traffic will grow five-fold by 2016: Cisco

NZ internet traffic will grow five-fold by 2016: Cisco

Business mobile data traffic to increase ten-fold.

The results of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast released today, shows New Zealand’s mobile internet growth in 2016 will outpace traditional fixed-line services by between three to five times.

In its fifth year, Cisco's VNI Forecast collates independent analyst forecasts and data, which is compared with data provided by consumers and government organisations.

The forecast predicts traffic across fixed-line internet in 2016 will reach 105 petabytes (110,100,480GB) a month, up five-fold from the 2011 figure of 21PB. For comparison, 1PB is about 250,000 DVDs worth of data, and 100PB is the amount of data CERN's particle collider produces in one minute.

Global IP traffic will reach 109.5 exabytes (1000PB) per month in 2016, up from 30.7EB last year.


New Zealand's mobile internet traffic in 2016 will increase to 17PB per month, up from 1PB in 2011.

Cisco predicts a massive increase in mobile data usage for businesses up from .59PB per month to 5PB, a 10-fold increase in usage compared to the fixed line traffic which is predicted to only double.

In 2016 the average mobile connection will use 2.1GB of data, compared to the average of 229MB that was used in 2011. At current pricing plans, this could cost consumers between $100 and $200 per month.

Current Pricing for Mobile Plans with 2GB Data

CarrierMinutes + TXTs (overage)Contract TermPrice per month
Telecom300 mins, 300 TXTs, (10c per MB)12/24 months$100
Vodafone300 mins, 2500 TXTs24 months$120
2degreesUnlimited calling, 2500 TXTs, (50c per MB)Monthly$199
(Does not include specials or phone subsidies, see individual carrier pages for more details)

Global mobile internet data traffic is forecast to increase 18 times from 2011 to 2016, to 10.8 exabytes per month (or 130 exabytes annually).


With services like YouTube Quickflix, iSky, and the recently announced Freeview On Demand, Cisco predicts that 64 percent of all internet traffic in New Zealand will be used for the consumption of video.

Meanwhile, internet video-to-TV services like Google TV, Apple TV, and IPTV services like Stuff will only see a one percent rise to seven percent of consumer traffic.

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