Doing business with David Caspari of HP

Doing business with David Caspari of HP

On why his first job - selling stereos for commission - was an 'excellent grounding' for a career in business.

David Caspari Vice-president enterprise services, South Pacific


Age: 37

Where were you educated? I completed my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of NSW. I've since undertaken graduate business studies at Harvard Business School.

Where do you live? Lindfield, on Sydney's north shore. Our place is a short walk from the train station and short drive to the school my sons attend, so the location is perfect.

What are your interests away from work? Spending as much time as possible with my two young boys. My wife and I also like travelling. Nothing is ever easy with kids, but it's still something we enjoy doing as a family. We're also passionate about good food and great company, especially relaxing with friends where our kids can enjoy themselves as much as the adults.

What are you reading at the moment? Heston's Fantastical Feasts – the new book by Heston Blumenthal … one of the world's most innovative chefs.

What is your favourite movie? I don't really have one in particular, but Apollo 13 is one of my favourites. For once, the engineer is the hero. My friends often enjoy a laugh at my expense because of this. Also, my wife and I tend to become obsessed with TV series. We're working our way through the current series of Mad Men on DVD, and we're glad that Masterchef is finally over because we've reclaimed [a lot of] our evenings.

What is the most memorable place you've been to? Bangalore, India. I lived and worked there for a year. The culture, the experiences and the friends I made were unforgettable.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received? Always stay true to yourself. No matter what happens in life, professionally or personally, always remember who you are and what you stand for.

Professionally, who do you admire most? Passionate people that truly believe in what they do. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Bono are passionate about what they do and strive to make a real difference.

How long have you been working in IT? Around 15 years, during which time I've had the opportunity to work for world-class organisations, travel extensively and enjoy life-changing cultural experiences such as living in India and China.

If you weren't working in IT, what would you be doing? Something just as fast-moving and dynamic. What I love about working in IT is the different roles and challenges on offer. I've been so lucky during my career. I've experienced a range of roles across a number of companies … I'm also passionate about children's medical research, so if I wasn't in IT, maybe I'd pursue something in this field.

What was your first job? Selling stereos at Brashs for commission … an excellent grounding for a career in


What's the best thing about working with IT executives? IT executives are bright, intelligent people. They share the vision that technology is an enabler for better business outcomes and passionately pursue this.

What is the worst? They are tough negotiators.

What is your favourite networking situation? One that provides an opportunity to really connect on a personal level.

What will you do when you retire? I don't think I'll ever stop working 12-hour days, but in retirement I'd like to divert this energy to my family and causes I'm passionate about.

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