Doing business with Jennifer Moxon, IBM

Doing business with Jennifer Moxon, IBM

Jennifer Moxon, managing director, IBM New Zealand

Jennifer Moxon Company: IBM New Zealand

Position: Managing director

Age: I am older than 10 and younger than 80.

Where do you live? Wellington.

Are you married? Kids? I’m married to Ross and followed around by many extras, including our dogs Derby and Franklin.

Where did you go to school? Where do I start? I am still going to school! I was educated in the UK, New Zealand, the US and Australia.

How long have you been working in ICT? I am not sure I do … see answer below to ‘What is the stupidest question CIOs ask you?’

What are your interests outside work and ICT? Spending time with my husband in the Alps.

What’s the best thing about working with IT executives? They love technical gadgets.

What is the worst? They ask lots of questions about them.

For customers, are you the technical authority on products or an approachable “big picture” person? I am a holistic thinker, so I guess that makes me a “big picture” person.

If you could invent any IT product for clients, what would it be? Would it sound too self-interested if I said I’d invent a billing system that pays IBM on time, every time?

What is the stupidest question CIOs ask you? ‘What does IBM do?’ It would be so much easier and quicker to answer them if they asked me what IBM doesn’t do.

For the record, IBM is a business solutions company. Sure, we invent and apply some of the best technology in the world, but these days we measure ourselves by how well we help our clients capitalise on business opportunities and solve their most intractable problems.

What is your favourite networking situation? Airport lounges.

Do you prefer to work with people you know or relish the challenge of the new? I find that a combination of both is best for keeping me sharp. It is easy to work with people you know because you understand how they think and what matters to them, but working with new people invariably sparks new ideas and new ways of thinking, which is great for driving creativity and innovation.

What are you passionate about? Anything and everything.

What are you afraid of? Very little, really — although I’m not so fond of snakes.

I’d like to offer you a bribe ... what couldn’t you resist? A month’s holiday in the Mediterranean right now!

What will you do when you retire? Practise for Wimbledon.

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