New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post

2007 ranking: 28

Senior IS executive: Tracy Voice, general manager IT Reports to: Chief executive, postal services

Size of IS shop: 170

PCs: 2650

Mobile PCs: 600

Terminals: 1250

Hand-held devices: 300

Total screens: 4800

Industry: Transport and warehousing

PC environment: Windows 2000 moving to XP, IBM, Lenovo

Server environment: Windows 2003, IBM

DBMS: Oracle, SQL

Address: New Zealand Post House, 7-27 Waterloo Quay, Wellington


Key IS projects this year: Removal of Novell; XP rollout; application

portfolio strategy — inclusive of rationalisation.

REVENUE GROWTH AND optimised costs are key business goals in

2008 for the state-owned enterprise NZ Post, along with the

straightforward business objective of being customer-driven.

Challenges include agility to respond to the market and internal

capability — the latter being currently affected by the national skills


NZ Post has 325 PostShops and 663 PostCentres and handles 140

different payments to around 80 different agencies through its retail

network. NZ Post subsidiary Datamail Group prints and produces a

third of the business mail sent out in New Zealand and hosts more than

500,000 documents online. The ECN Group, another New Zealand

Post subsidiary, provides e-commerce services to more than 2000

organisations around Australasia.

New Zealand Post continues to undergo internal change designed

to enable it to increase focus on its customer base. This change has

seen the ICT function folded into the Postal Services Group under

Postal Services chief executive Peter Fenton, who Tracy Voice, general

manager IT reports to.

NZ Post’s service-oriented share infrastructure (SOSI) is based on

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server, Oracle Application Server

10g and the Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition. NZ Post has Microsoft

Exchange as a service, as well as Oracle as a service, and is building

an SQL service and an internet service.

The decision to move to a service oriented model was driven by lack

of agility of existing infrastructure, along with high operating costs due to

escalating maintenance costs of aging Sun hardware and an Oracle licensing

model based on price-per-CPU. Voice says ICT governance has been a

focus for NZ Post over the past 12 months bridging the gap between business and ICT.

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