Trade Me hits zero with carbon emissions

Trade Me hits zero with carbon emissions

Trade Me has achieved its target of carbon neutral status before the middle of this year, says chief executive Jon Macdonald.

Trade Me has achieved its target of carbon neutral status before the middle of this year, says the company’s chief executive. Jon Macdonald, who announced the company’s goal in the
CIOcover story in February, says Trade Me worked with Deloitte and Landcare Research for the project.

Macdonald will be a keynote speaker at the CIO Conference in Auckland on September 16 and 17, providing a first-hand perspective on Trade Me’s move to new verticals, fending off rivals and being a good corporate citizen — including achieving the carbon-neutral status.

“Landcare Research’s CarboNZero team helped us measure our carbon footprint. Deloitte verified the measurement and that we had properly offset our emissions by purchasing and retiring voluntary carbon credits. Then Landcare certified us CarboNZero,” says Christine Turner, Trade Me general counsel.

She says Trade Me will maintain its carbon neutral status through an emissions management plan outlining the commitment, what the company has done to date, along with new initiatives. Some of the steps taken include lighting changes to reduce electricity use; investing in energy-efficient equipment; reducing the electricity required to serve websites and internal network systems; videoconferencing where possible instead of taking flights; encouraging staff to cycle or scooter to work by providing parks for bikes but not cars; recycling office paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, cans etc as well as old network equipment; using scanners to copy, and fax to email (there are no photocopiers); and supporting environmental initiatives like e-Day and carbon trading on Trade Me.

“The greatest lesson from this exercise was learning the sources of our carbon footprint and what we could do to reduce it,” says Turner. “While for us it may have been pretty easy to become carbon neutral, other businesses with much bigger footprints would find it harder. But what everyone can do is reduce their footprint.”

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