An IT Christmas carol

An IT Christmas carol

Try resting merry IT men, let nothing you dismay...

Try resting merry IT men Let nothing you dismay

Remember data centers

Still run on Christmas Day

To let the punters get their mail and keep bidding on eBay O tidings of commerce and cash, Sold in a flash O tidings of commerce and cash...

This year in Redmond, Washington,

Was a new OS released And hyped with wild abandonment As if it were the best Which the IT market Treated as if it were a jest O tidings of Vista for thee, I'll stick to XP O tidings of Vista for thee...

And over at that knavish SCO

Bless'd bankruptcy arrived;

And certain wealthy financiers

To their own gain did connive:

And that is how the knavish SCO

Is improb'ly kept alive

O tidings of issues that are gray,

And won't go away

O tidings of issues that are gray.

"Fear not peeps," said the ISPs,

"Let nothing you affright,

Your packets won't be mess-ed with

We send 'em quick and bright

But we control the networks so

You can trust we'll do it right."

O tidings of net neutrality,

Won't work for me

O tidings of net neutrality.

So what's the year been like for you

Oh, what has come to pass?

You still work 15 hours a day

As if a broom's stuck in your hand

At least you've kept your job

From flying to another land

O tidings of profits and pay

At least for one more day

O tidings of profits and pay

Ought-seven's been a busy year

I think you will agree

There's been a lot of stuff a-happenin'

As your letters told to me

And ought-eight shows no sign of slowin'

When it comes to technology

O tidings of stress every day,

Try cabernet

O tidings of stress every day.

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