What CIOs want...

What CIOs want...

Let me share with you some of my notes from a recent event.

…Every dollar I invest has to give me a return, otherwise, why should I do it? Why would I do it? …Our systems are leading edge, not bleeding edge… We will not take up the latest version as it may have more holes in it than Swiss cheese [laughter from audience].

…We’ve just implemented a thin client. If you’ve got a LAN and you’ve got 10 people, go for it, but if you’ve got a big, ugly, horrible network and it’s got 10,000 people, don’t do it.

…I have to invest significantly in training and we are pretty good at it, but how do I keep these people interested and motivated and how do I keep them in New Zealand?

Okay, these may be paraphrases, but as you may have guessed by now, they are based on the insights from the frank discussions by CIOs of some of the largest IT using organisations in New Zealand.

The occasion was the inaugural MIS100 event (see “A call to arms”) and the discussions showed us the complex, myriad, and often common issues today’s contemporary IT leaders have to grapple with.

Too much technology

Indeed, a consensus that emerged after the talks and the open forum was the need for similar events where senior IS executives can just reflect on their concerns and issues in the industry.

As one CIO said, he sees people trying to sell him too much technology. But he doesn’t want these, he wants propositions that will clearly articulate the business value of this additional investment, what will be the incremental benefit and more importantly, the subsequent reduction in TCO.

The vendor community was well represented in that forum, and heard the messages from the heads of IT of their biggest customers. Since the MIS100 will be an annual event from now on, it would be interesting to hear the views that will emerge in the 2007 forum.

This month, we’re pleased to be joined by Channa Jayasinha, chief technology officer at the Ministry of Economic Development, as the latest member of our editorial advisory board.

We now have the largest board ever?–?21 high-calibre executives from a range of industries across New Zealand. Having the magazine critiqued each month by members of this group sometimes feels daunting. But I always look forward to their feedback, and take their suggestions seriously. Many of the topics for our articles were heavily influenced by the sharp comments from this group of IT leaders. They unselfishly give us their time and share their expertise to help us come out with a magazine that will meet the needs of the IS leadership community in New Zealand.

Join the CIO New Zealand group on LinkedIn. The group is open to CIOs, IT Directors, COOs, CTOs and senior IT managers.

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