Trends of distinction

Trends of distinction

George was her original name, but a DNA test when she was four months old confirmed George was female.

Georgina, as she is now known, is one of kiwis hatched at the Kiwi Encounter in Rotorua. We have a tradition of putting Kiwi icons on the cover of our special editions, and for this year's MIS100, Georgina is it. MIS New Zealand has been publishing this annual report on the country's biggest IT users for the past nine years, and I have been privileged to be involved in the past six editions.

I say privileged because at the end of each edition, the MIS team has an extensive and unparalleled view of the major developments trends, new projects, leadership transitions, challenges in IT organisations across sectors and industries in New Zealand.

This knowledge can only translate to a better reportage of the IT and the business sector in general for our readers.MIS100 is, hands down, our biggest edition, and I am not referring to page numbers either.

Months of research, interviews, email, face to face, phone and extensive checking and rechecking go into each MIS100 to ensure we will provide the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Each year, I send a special thanks to all the IT directors and their team members who helped us in the survey leading to MIS100, and in completing the profiles.

Bubbling under

The MIS100 is only as good as the information and insights you share with us.Our regular readers may notice something different from this year's MIS100 new names have appeared, the ranking of the previous mainstays has shifted, some have dropped out of the list or moved to the 'bubbling under' category.

This is because we are using a new methodology where number of screens, which used to be the sole basis for the ranking, is now joined by turnover and total staff number.

This, we think, provides a better gauge of the level of activity in IT organisations across New Zealand.

Finally, this issue will not be possible without the help of journalist Vikki Bland who did the interviews and wrote all 100 profiles; my MIS colleagues Forsyth Thompson, Darren Greenwood, Chris McBride and Delilah Wright; and our Sydney-based Fairfax Business Research staff, who all played varied but vital roles in making this special edition a reality. This is trans-Tasman teamwork at its best.

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