Knowing your place

Knowing your place

Historically, screens numbers determined the rank of the top 100 IT user organisations in the country.

MIS100 Methodology

Starting this year, MIS New Zealand is including turnover and staff numbers. Forsyth Thompson and Richard Harris explain the maths. Do you use as much technology as NZ Defence Force? Do you have as big a turnover as Fonterra? Do you have as many employees/users as the University of Auckland?

If you do, or perhaps more likely, are in the same neighbourhood, then you will be in this year's MIS100 NZ's 100 biggest users of IT.

Pulling rank

Where your organisation's ranking is in the 100 will be based entirely on your proximity to the above figures from the University of Auckland and Fonterra. Through our extensive research, we find out the turnover, number of employees and number of `screens' of each organisation, and then compare them against the largest in each category.

Method in the madness

Historically, we have used a basic screen count to rank the top 100, without taking into consideration the number of employees or turnover of an organisation, so this year has been quite a change. It seems obvious to count computers when analysing an organisation's IT usage. So what counts as a computer?

Well, PCs, servers, laptops, of course. This year, we asked organisations to include hand-held devices, Blackberries and PDAs that are web-enabled, in order to get a complete picture.

But should our analysis only concentrate on the number of screens? What about organisations with huge turnover and employee numbers running fewer screens but still with huge IT projects?

Therefore we also include an organisation's turnover and number of employees in our final ranking analysis but to a lesser degree than screens.

In fact, we give the screen number 50 per cent of the final weighting, and turnover and employees 25 per cent each. Please note, for universities and other educational institutions, the number of equivalent full-time students are added to the equation.

This way, we are putting IT in the context of the organisation, and the number of people reliant on it internally.

Making the list

So that is it. Screens, turnover and number of employees. It could not be (much) simpler. So you have done the calculation for your organisation and have a number. Great, but you have nothing to compare it to.

Well, if your number (and it should be between 0 and 1) is higher than 0.055 (the lowest that made the cut this year), then you might well stand a chance of having your organisation included in the next 100.

Forsyth Thompson is publisher at MIS New Zealand and Richard Harris is the circulation and research manager at MIS UK.

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