Cosy up to the vendors

Cosy up to the vendors

The significance of the scrapping of the state IT tendering procedures (“Risky Business”, CIO, October 2001) has created benefits, the scope of which are still not fully comprehended, Rosewarne believes. The melting away of the tender walls means that there is no excuse for users such as himself to keep vendors at arm’s length. “A lot of my time is spent with vendors, with the industry. It helps eliminate surprises by helping each other anticipate what is needed.”

Ego management

Rosewarne likes to get people jumping out of their grooves by commenting that his job is simple enough. It is, he says, “ego management”.

Just as his audience starts craning for signs of showbiz self-regard, Rosewarne likes to qualify his words by reminding his audience that he is merely talking about the obvious — helping people blend themselves into the wider purpose of the organisation.

Ego management, in which people’s feelings and aspirations are taken into account, is preferable to what he describes as the New Zealand “command and control” managerial technique. To get people engaged with the strategy, he believes “you must first engage with them”.

Meanwhile, Rosewarne has found his own ego buffed up in recent weeks. He has become party to a process and methods patent application that was successfully sought by the Crown. “I will receive one dollar,” declares the manifestly proud inventor-CIO.

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