How to Stop Facebook Apps Taking Your Data

How to Stop Facebook Apps Taking Your Data

Facebook apps, quizzes and tests have access to your data - and you gave them permission to do. Here's how to stop Facebook apps taking your data

You might be desperate to know which Disney Princess you are, or what you'd look like as the opposite sex, but every time you authorise a third-party app to connect to your Facebook account you're allowing it access to your personal data. And as you have probably noticed in the news of late, there's a bit of a hoo-ha over one particular Cambridge Analytica personality test. We explain how to remove that authorisation and secure your account.

If you can't live without knowing whether you should have been born Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora or Belle, you can always allow the permission but then remove it once you have your answer. Do note, however, that deleting the app permissions does not stop them holding the data they already hold on you, and you'll have to contact the developer direct for more information on that. So keep in mind that if you're at all worried about this, sometimes it's better not to click in the first place.

How to log out of quizzes, tests and other Facebook apps

There are two ways to remove your authorisation for third-party apps to access your data.

Log into your Facebook account in a browser
Tap the question mark icon at the top right of the window and choose Privacy Check-up
Tap Next to bypass the first step, then examine the list of apps that have access to your profile
Tap the X next to any apps you want to de-authorise
Click Next, then Finish


Log into your Facebook account in a browser
Tap the down triangle at the top right of the window and choose Settings
Select Apps from the menu to the left
At the top of the page you'll be presented with a list of apps you're logged into via Facebook. Hover over any of these and tap the X to delete

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