Air New Zealand (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 12

Senior IS executive: Julia Raue, CIO

Address: 185 Fanshawe St, Auckland 1010


Air New Zealand continues to innovate in the technology space. The launch of OneSmart in November introduced New Zealand and the world to the first non-credit card to offer loyalty rewards points. The cards, which combine ePass check-in technology, manage multiple foreign current ‘wallets’ of cash and provide the ability to send money to other card holders via text message and purchase goods from overseas websites, allowing travellers to shop overseas without being stung by international cash withdrawal fees.

Next up for the ICT team are projects that span logistics, e-enablement, customer loyalty programmes, crewing and day of operations, international airline customer self-service, next generation kiosks, the entry into service of a new fleet, and enhancements to Air New Zealand’s online environment. Air New Zealand CIO Julia Raue says that ICT remains a key enabler of innovative solutions to support business performance and growth. “Given the nature of our business, it’s critical that we maintain the flexibility to be able to react in a timely manner to business change,” she says. “We’ll also be maintaining our investment in new technology to ensure Air New Zealand delivers a differentiated product that engages and excites the millions of customers who travel with us each year.” ICT budgets are down slightly on 2011, although Air New Zealand has plans to launch new social media, mobile, CRM and VoIP initiatives in 2012. Investment in business intelligence, e-business, and mobility will continue from last year.