Waikato District Health Board (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 30

Senior IS executive: Darrin Hackett, CIO

Address: Pembroke Street, Hamilton


Waikato District Health Board has had a new CIO since December 2011. Darrin Hackett joined the DHB then, replacing former CIO Alan Grainer. Hackett also serves as the regional IT lead for HealthShare and the GM of HealthIntelligence. The DHB has worked with Datacom to replace its legacy Novell GroupWise email system in an effort to boost efficiency and reduce operational costs. The distributed Novell NetWare infrastructure was replaced by a centralised Microsoft-based infrastructure in the space of a single weekend in 2010, with minimal disruption to service. The system has not only reduced TCO, but it has also reduced business risk, as the environment is fully vendor supported and widely supported by Datacom. It has also reduced the DHB’s technical footprint, with the introduction of enterprise level mail archiving, as well as reduced training cost for new staff. In 2011, the DHB embarked on a project, also with Datacom, to design and build a new electronic whiteboard system designed in .NET and based on a Microsoft SQL Server platform. Patient information is now handled once, electronically stored and available in real time. The project team at Waikato developed a SQL Server information systems (SSIS) package, taking data from the existing data warehouse and loading it into the new SQL Server database, Windows Server 2008 R2. Datacom used the code first methodology, in which the database table schema is created by Microsoft Entity Framework and then developed the .NET application to display the patient information on the electronic whiteboard.