Internal Affairs (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 42

Senior IS executive: Chris East, GM government technology services

Address: 46 Waring Taylor Street, Wellington


Internal Affairs ICT project plans for 2012 include migration to the AoG infrastructure as a service initiative, a web channel optimisation, the launch of a new integrated gambling compliance system, a review of corporate services systems, major digital initiatives in Archives NZ and the National Library and phase two of the passport redevelopment project. To support these initiatives, DIA is transitioning to a number of on-demand AoG services in the areas of network, infrastructure and desktop. The department will also look to leverage the AoG cloud initiative which will open up further opportunities in PaaS and SaaS. The ITS shop at DIA delivers ICT services across a wide range of business functions including, passports, citizenship, censorship, gambling compliance, ethnic affairs, civil defence, National Library, Archives NZ and births, deaths and marriages. GM of government technology services (GTS) Chris East is a member of the government ICT Council and also serves as the senior responsible officer for a growing number of all of government initiatives including infrastructure as a service, the One.Govt network service and secure email. Lastly, the DIA serves as the lead agency for multiple cross-government initiatives and as such, was responsible for releasing the government ICT roadmap in August which is reviewed quarterly and adjusted as necessary.