University of Waikato (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 37

Senior IS executive: Kevin Adamson, head of IT services

Address: Gate 5 Hillcrest Road, Hamilton


“ICT underpins efficient administration systems, supports teaching, learning and research processes, and facilitates innovation, the sharing and exchange of ideas, information and knowledge for the University of Waikato,” says Kevin Adamson, head of information technology services. “ICT has moved from a back office function to an enabler that is mission critical to the functioning of a modern university. It is of strategic importance to the university, and there is heightened awareness of the capacity to change the delivery mode for education.” Significant projects are on the IT landscape this year. For example, a plan to take advantage of the Google Apps collaborative environment for both staff and students. Additionally, the university is investigating technology that will enable students to more effectively use their own computing equipment on campus to access teaching and learning resources A new datacentre in the student building, as well as a secondary datacentre in G Block, will enhance disaster recovery and business continuity capability. In what promises to be a constantly challenging fiscal environment, the university will continue to build its institutional resources and staff capabilities, while ensuring that students enjoy world-class standards of education and have every opportunity to achieve their academic potential. “The quality, direction and leadership of the university’s ICT infrastructure are essential elements in the delivery of this,” says Adamson.