Victoria University of Wellington (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 29

Senior IS executive: Stuart Haselden, director, IT services

Address: Kelburn Parade, Wellington


With more than 2500 staff and over 22,000 students, Victoria University of Wellington provides important IT support with a team of 130, led by director of information technology, Stuart Haselden. The use of technology to support the organisation spans a wide variety of technologies, such as business intelligence, wireless, knowledge management, e-business, CRM, cloud computing, FMIS, HR, mobility, VoIP, business continuity/disaster recovery, virtualisation and social media. Victoria University is using VMware to a significant extent with over 80 percent of production servers hosted in a VMware virtual infrastructure. Cloud computing options are constantly monitored and investigated by the ITS team. Instead of jumping on the “cloud bandwagon”, says Haseldon, Victoria investigates options and uses sound procurement practice to look at cost versus service models over five years. In some cases, these investigations have shown significant ongoing costs for cloud models against internal service provision. Victoria is closely following the government UFB rollout and how this may provide future options for connectivity for the university, students and research customer base. Management is a strong theme for 2012, with projects in information management, content management and document management all planned. A finance upgrade, security, service delivery enhancement to staff and students, and investigations in CRM deployment are also slated as important projects requiring key resource.