Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MIS100 2012)

2011 ranking: 67

Senior IS executive: Tracy Voice, director business technology and information services

Address: Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace, Wellington


A 2011 search for a CIO, following restructuring as a result of mergers among the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF), the Food Safety Authority and Ministry of Fisheries, led to the appointment of Tracy Voice as MAF CIO in November. The merger, though complete, is still impacting parts of the business. Voice’s role will be transformational and will involve refocusing the team on enabling technologies and rationalising and simplification the business application environment. “Currently MAF is aligning technology to the recently released MAF 2030 Strategy,” she says. Key themes right now she says are the consolidation of the application landscape, where MAF will look to implement the right service models to meet objectives and mobility and collaboration business needs. MAF will also enable business intelligence tools to better interpret data and understand strategic assets. “The two main focuses for 2012 are building an effective team and developing a strategic plan, a five-year roadmap for MAF,” Voice explained to CIO NZ upon securing her role. “We need to understand what information and data we gather and how that affects the business.” Major projects will include working with other agencies and industry on JBMS, NAIT implementations, and transitioning to a new IT managed service aggregator. Additionally, MAF will look to leverage productivity tools to enable mobility, aligning with AOG initiatives, such as EDRMS, web content, enabling social media, and amalgamating FMIS/HRIS, while also making improvements to security frameworks and disaster recovery capabilities.