Promapp partners with SAI Global for worldwide expansion

SAI Global has offices in 25 countries and the agreement means that Promapp will be able to tap into those markets

New Zealand-based Promapp Solutions has partnered with business assurance, publishing and compliance company SAI Global for global marketing and promotion of Promapp's business improvement software. Headquartered in Australia, SAI Global has offices in 25 countries and the agreement means that Promapp will be able to tap into those markets, using SAI Global's client base.

“Promapp’s simple web based software delivers an ideal solution for organisations that have tried and failed with traditional approaches to improve their processes. The difference with Promapp is that it helps the teams that actually participate in processes - not the specialists that analyse them,” says Ivan Seselj, director of Promapp.

For Ravi Fernando, head of improvement solutions for SAI Global, the partnership will also allow the company to leverage Promapp's features to offer clients more robust process management. “This distribution and implementation partnership with Promapp is considered to be a pilot with the intent of both parties to expand it to other markets globally,” he says.

In 2009, SAI Global signed up to use Promapp to improve its own processes. “Our implementation of Promapp has allowed us to improve process consistency and efficiency with a key focus on meeting customer needs,” adds Fernando.

“The tool has benefited SAI Global for its international information services for managing risk, achieving compliance and business improvement advice,” says Seselj.

So far, Promapp has been successfully adopted in Australia, UK, US, Canada, and Mexico, through SAI Global's international network. Further implementations are schedulued for their Asian and European offices.

“After witnessing the benefits for our organisation, we felt the capability of the Promapp solution would be a perfect fit for our clients, particularly those who were already working with us to drive sustainable business excellence and compliance of their management systems,” adds Fernando.