Vero NZ(MIS100 2011)

2010 ranking: 69
  • Jess Meyer (Unknown Publication)
  • 05 June, 2011 22:00

Senior IS executive: Andrew Diver, CIO Reports to: Matt Pancino, head of business technology applications, Suncorp Australia

Size of IS shop: 140

PCs: 604

Mobile PCs: 176

Terminals: 1730

Hand-held devices: 110

Total screens: 2620

Industry: Insurance

PC environment: Windows XP, Dell, IBM

Server environment: Windows 2008, HP-UX, IBM, HP

DBMS: DB2, Oracle, SQL, Universe

Address: Vero Centre, 48 Shortland Street, Auckland


Key IS projects this year: Further enhancement to online insurance offerings and core processes.

Vero NZ is a six -time winner of the Insurance Broker Association of New Zealand’s Insurer of the Year award (since 2002), as well as winner of the Achievement Award - Gold Level from the New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation. The company says it continues to strive towards business excellence across all activities and areas of the organisation.

ICT assists to enable these corporate business objectives by “supporting improvement and efficiency drives though back-end system improvements and delivery of online services,” says CIO Andrew Diver.

The post-recession economy has contributed to reduced ICT operational budgets, but further enhancement to online insurance offerings and core processes is planned, and will require significant attention and investment.

“Compliance, governance costs and workloads are increasing further, while the cost of IT is being squeezed,” Diver explains. “This presents challenges and adds to resource constraints and the cost of doing business.”

Cost constraints mean that technology investments are made in areas that can be proven to support business efficiencies. Business intelligence, VoIP, cloud computing and unified communications functionality, for instance, will be further developed in 2011. Virtualisation programmes will continue, and Diver’s team will look to roll out wider wireless and mobility solutions to the insurance group, along with a focus on knowledge management, e-business and disaster recovery.