Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology(MIS100 2009)

2008 ranking: 68
  • CIO Staff (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 July, 2009 22:00

Senior IS executive: Mark Marshall, manager, ICT division Reports to: Darren Mitchell, CFO

Size of IS shop: 34

PCs: 2092

Mobile PCs: 200

Terminals: 45

Hand-held devices: 78

Total screens: 2415

Industry: Educational services

PC environment: HP, Windows XP

Server environment: HP, IBM, SUSE Linux, Windows

DBMS: Oracle, SQL

Address: Madras Street, Christchurch


Key IS projects this year: IP telephony; storage architecture; information systems (Webshere/Datastage).

Christchurch Polytechnic (CPIT) is focused on the enhancement of foundation education programmes and on productive stakeholder engagement.

CPIT is one of New Zealand’s largest technical tertiary institutions with two campuses in Christchurch and smaller learning centres in surrounding areas. CIO Mark Marshall says this year the ICT team is focused on implementation of the institution’s Information Strategy, developed during 2008 and adopted late last year.

The recently acquired IBM Enterprise Service Bus and Data Warehouse systems will form a key part of this programme of work, and will support strategic and operational management with more timely, accurate and insightful information.

Reflecting the importance of ICT in meeting organisational goals, CPIT has established an ICT Governance Group to oversee project prioritisation and reinforce the requirement of ICT programmes to deliver business value as a primary goal.

“It’s all about making sure whatever we do is the right thing, delivering the best possible value to the institution as a whole. Developing an institutional list of priorities is challenging, but the rewards are significant,” says Marshall.

The three main ICT projects for 2009 are the ESB/Data warehouse implementation, Storage Area Network replacement and the deployment of video conferencing technologies. Ongoing projects include those in the areas of business intelligence, finance systems and knowledge management. CPIT is also investing in a Cisco unified communications infrastructure having completed its VoIP telephony rollout during 2008, and has ongoing software and server virtualisation projects.