Foodstuffs South Island(MIS100 2009)

2008 ranking: 49
  • CIO Staff (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 July, 2009 22:00

Senior IS executive: Phil Wright, general manager IT Reports to: Steve Anderson, CEO

Size of IS shop: 73

PCs: 960

Mobile PCs: 75

Terminals: 968

Hand-held devices: 123

Total screens: 2126

Industry: Wholesale and retail trade

PC environment: Lenovo, Dell, Windows XP

Server environment: IBM, Windows 2000, VMware, AIX

DBMS: DB2, Interbase, SQL

Address: 167 Main North Road, Christchurch


Key IS projects this year: SAP; self checkout deployment.

Foodstuffs South Island services the entire South Island region and is one of three separate, regionally-based and retailer-owned co-operative companies of the Foodstuffs organisation. Foodstuffs South Island general manager IT Phil Wright says the IT team is continuing ICT projects initiated last year including a significant SAP rollout into stores, commitment to e-commerce, and GS1net enablement, which enables the synchronisation of supplier and Foodstuffs South Island data. Foodstuffs South Island continued its deployment of self-checkout units into stores and also launched a new datacentre in 2008.

ICT budgets have remained flat this year, says Wright, but as a result of the gradual completion of larger projects rather than the global recession. He says there is always economic impact in a recession, but the food retail industry is typically impacted differently to other industries — for example, retailers selling discretionary goods.

Significant ICT projects for the next 12 months include ongoing SAP implementation, using business intelligence systems to get the best out of ERP data for the organisation, along with redevelopment of some legacy systems. Wright says Foodstuffs SI is also investing in VoIP platforms and technologies in niche areas, and is extending wireless infrastructure.

“For many years we have had an e-commerce service that supports the supplier interface into the three Foodstuffs companies. We are increasing penetration of e-commerce to reduce costs across the supply chain and synchronising data between ourselves and suppliers,” says Wright.

Foodstuffs South Island outsources few ICT functions, but works closely with key suppliers to supplement and complement internal resources.