Bank of New Zealand(MIS100 2009)

2008 ranking: 15
  • CIO Staff (Unknown Publication)
  • 23 July, 2009 22:00

Senior IS executive: Aaron Toatelegese, CIO (acting) Reports to: Paul Tait, general manager banking delivery services

Size of IS shop: 280

PCs: 4395

Mobile PCs: 1320

Terminals: 958

Hand-held devices: 1394

Total screens: 8067

Industry: Finance and insurance

PC environment: HP, IBM, Windows XP

Server environment: HP; IBM; Sun; Windows 2000, 2003, 2008; AIX

DBMS: DB2, Oracle, SQL, Sybase

Address: Level 11, 80 Boulcott Street, Wellington


Key IS projects this year: RBNZ outsourcing; credit ‘decisioning’; internet banking.

Key objectives at the Bank of New Zealand are to improve costs and efficiencies, create market leadership, grow online channels, and improve asset quality. The BNZ also has a focus on continuing to build brand and strengthen culture.

Aaron Toatelegese, acting CIO for the BNZ, says IT is critical for a number of these streams. “Over time, technology has driven a huge amount of efficiency into the organisation and we will continue to drive and grow these efficiencies in a way that provides value.”

In 2009, the BNZ is committed to several ICT projects including those in the areas of RBNZ outsourcing compliance, credit ‘decisioning’, and internet banking.

The BNZ is also doing work on its CRM, business intelligence and knowledge management systems, and has initiated investment in unified communications platforms and technologies. Mobile applications and mobilisation of the BNZ workforce in general are being developed, an ICT project area that continues from last year.

Development of e-business channels is also on the agenda this year and like all banks, the IT team at the BNZ works hard to ensure each channel has end-to-end digital security to protect transactions and communications between the bank and its customers and partners.

Also in keeping with other banks and financial service providers, much of the BNZ’s IT function is conducted in-house through its team of 280 IT staff. However, IT education is outsourced to various training partners and PC maintenance to a branch network of NCR. Systems and network management are delivered via TelstraClear. The four datacentres are managed by BNZ, with IBM providing a facility for one of the Auckland sites.