Gen-i signs Harcourts to XT network

Migration will enable Harcourts to improve business efficiency

Gen-i’s largest mobile customer, Harcourts, has started to migrate its 3,800 mobile users to mobile offerings on the Telecom XT mobile network. Harcourts is the largest local real estate group, and according to the company, the fastest growing in Australia.

The move will allow Harcourts to improve its responsiveness and service to customers as well as increasing staff productivity.

Harcourts CEO Bryan Thomson says the move to XT is an exciting step.

“We’re absolutely committed to providing exceptional personal service to our clients, and being able to extend our existing business applications out to mobile devices will help us achieve our business goals.”

He says the company’s sales consultants spend most of their time out of the office and rely heavily on Harcourts’ own mobile offering, called Mobile Agent.

This provides sales consultants with secure access to central databases of property and customer information via PDA devices.

“Moving to the XT platform will give us even faster access to this key information, improving the efficiency of our people and helping us to provide exceptional customer service.”

The improved roaming capability, with faster data speeds in more countries, is also a major upside for the business, believes Thomson.

“We live and work in a world where time zones are irrelevant. Being able to travel and work overseas is hugely important to us.”

Gen-i provides Harcourts with mobile, One Office, voice and data services across the country. It also hosts Harcourts’ web servers in both Australia and New Zealand.