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More data? Get used to it

As part of the IT team at the Virginia State Police department, Lt. Pete Fagan's job is to ensure that criminal investigators, police officers in the field and other authorities get the most accurate, timely and detailed crime-related information possible. Crime never stops, so the data volumes are huge, dynamic and getting bigger every day. Criminal records often stretch back decades and include source material from countless systems in myriad formats. Multimedia content is a growing necessity. Metadata, a new necessity, is gobbling up precious disk space. Storage capacity, as you might imagine, is an ongoing problem for the department.

Written by Mark Hall11 April 07 12:23

Opinion: ASP turns financial corner and proves

ASP turns financial corner and proves . . . . . . the business model, brags John Ottman, executive vice president of worldwide markets at Corio Inc. Maybe, maybe not.
Ottman says the San Carlos, Calif.-based application service provider (ASP) had 66 percent revenue growth in the recent quarter over the same period last year and was profitable -- although it used the popular dot-com EBITDA method of adding revenue dollars and cents without subtracting all of the company's real-world expenses.

Written by Mark Hall10 July 03 22:00