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Core stability

Matt Tucker proudly shows off the new Les Mills New Zealand headquarters in the Auckland CBD, only a few hundred metres from where the fitness chain’s namesake and his wife opened their first gym in 1968.
“It’s been a great ride, and I think we’re headed towards some pretty exciting things very soon,” says the CIO of the fitness chain. Les Mills has 45,000 members across 11 gyms located around the country, with its latest gym opening in Britomart late last year.

Written by Sim Ahmed06 Feb. 12 22:00

NIWA portal opens environmental data

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has developed the new environmental data portal.
The Environmental Information (EI) browser will allow researchers to view details on environmental data held by the Crown Research Institute. The data spans decades of collection across New Zealand.

Written by Sim Ahmed01 Feb. 12 22:00

Widely distributed Android malware hidden in adult games

A recently discovered piece of malware could be hidden in over one million Android devices, making it the most highly distributed piece of mobile malware identified this year, according to Symantec.
On a blog post on the Symantec web site last week, the security company says the Android.Counterclank malware is installed on between one million and five million devices.

Written by Sim Ahmed30 Jan. 12 22:00

Kim Dotcom refused bail

Kim Dotcom has been remanded in custody until Feb. 22, the judge denying him his application for bail.

Written by Sim Ahmed25 Jan. 12 12:39

Telco and Maori trust launch ICT scholarship

Young Maori looking to pursue a career in the telecommunications industry now have more opportunities to get their feet in the door, with the help of a new scholarship from the Hei Rere Mai programme.
The programme, which was launched by the Maori Spectrum Charitable Trust (Te Huarahi Tika Trust) and 2degrees last year, is now recieving scholarship applications from Maori students studying or planning to study ICT at the University of Auckland.

Written by Sim Ahmed24 Jan. 12 22:00

HealthAlliance upgrading Auckland Health Board ERP

HealthAlliance is upgrading Auckland District Health Board's (ADHB) Oracle E-Business Suite to the latest version (12.1) of the ERP and supply chain software.
Work commenced in mid-November and Bruce George, GM of process and service improvement at healthAlliance, says he expects it to go live by the end of June 2012.

Written by Sim Ahmed19 Dec. 11 22:00

What recession? I'm a developer

With the end of the year almost in sight, Computerworld has asked IT recruitment experts what they thought of the year that has been, and what they think the IT jobs space will be like in 2012.
Hottest Skills

Written by Sim Ahmed07 Dec. 11 22:00

'Above the law' execs catalyst for BYO revolution, says IBM

Executives at many large companies are ignoring internal IT policies by bringing their own devices to work, often to the detriment of corporate security, says David Cannon, enterprise offering leader at IBM.

Written by Sim Ahmed07 Dec. 11 09:57

NZ ranked 12th highest subscribers of mobile broadband

New Zealand has moved up four places to occupy the 12th place in the highest adoption of mobile broadband in the OECD, according to a report by the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology, and Industry.
The report says that as of June 2011, 54.3 percent of New Zealanders were subscribed to a mobile broadband service. Australia came in at eighth with 64.8 percent, and the top ranked Korea has 99.3 percent subscribed.

Written by Sim Ahmed03 Dec. 11 22:00

Former Yellow CIO shifts to agriculture sector

Steven Mayo-Smith, former CIO of Yellow New Zealand, is now the general manager of technology at Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC).
Mayo-Smith was made redundant two months after starting his role at Yellow in April of this year, after the company went through a major restructuring when then CEO Bruce Cotterill resigned.

Written by Sim Ahmed27 Nov. 11 22:00

Maxsys led group wins health sector IT comp

A group led by Wellington IT consultancy company Maxsys, was announced as the winning vendor for the 2011 Health Informatics New Zealand Clinicians Challenge, at an awards dinner last week.
The Clinicians Challenge is a competition run by Health Informatics New Zealand, with support from the New Zealand Health IT Cluster, and the National Health IT Board.

Written by Sim Ahmed27 Nov. 11 22:00

ITEX: How IT can help marketing and social media teams

Panelists on the social media panel at ITEX kicked off the session by giving the IT managers in the crowd a few simple words of advice to help their marketing and social media teams: give them the tools they need, and get rid of IE 6.
The panel talked about their experiences using social media to market their companies, and the challenges they face online and with their IT teams.

Written by Sim Ahmed22 Nov. 11 22:00

Alcatel-Lucent's 'carrier cloud' available early 2012

Alcatel-Lucent, the Paris-based telecommunications services provider, has announced its CloudBand system will be available to carriers globally in the first half of 2012.
CloudBand is a ‘carrier cloud’ system which allows telecommunication companies to deliver network services from the cloud by virtualising key elements of its network into software hosted in a cloud.

Written by Sim Ahmed19 Nov. 11 22:00

Simpl wins lucrative UK health care contract

Simpl, a New Zealand-owned IT systems integration company, has secured a multi-million dollar contract to deliver and service a Single Community Care Record (SCCR) solution for UK National Health Service’s Torbay Care Trust.
The SCCR solution will give Torbay Care Trust staff secure access to patient and client care records remotely. Nurses and therapists deployed around the community will be able to access patient records on tablets and smartphones, without the need to return to the office to complete tasks such as booking follow ups and updating patient notes.

Written by Sim Ahmed16 Nov. 11 22:00

Public libraries integrating collections online

A new collection management service is rolling out in libraries across New Zealand.
Kotui in Maori means to interweave, so it is an appropriate name for the service which hopes to connect and integrate resource collections held in New Zealand public libraries.

Written by Sim Ahmed14 Nov. 11 22:00