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IBM Supercomputer to compete in game show

IBM Monday announced that it aims to take artificial intelligence to a new level with its supercomputer, codenamed "Watson", sending the technology to compete in the world of game shows.

Written by Diann Daniel27 April 09 22:00

Obstacles to innovation

Guy Kawasaki is busy. He's a founding partner of seed-stage and early-stage venture capital fund Garage Technology Ventures, co-founder of "online magazine rack" Alltop, and author of nine books, including Reality Check and Rules for Revolutionaries. And if you follow him on Twitter (and more than 19,000 people do), you will probably realize the truth of his words-that he's discovered a way to use Twitter as a weapon.

Written by Diann Daniel25 Feb. 09 22:00

Twitterati weigh in on the future of social media

Twitter and to a lesser extent Facebook are like ghetto art communities on the verge of gentrification: Hipsters are loving the first-there, build-something-from-scratch feeling, and hungry capitalists are eyeing the goods and trying to figure out how to get in on the action and make a profit. But few companies have figured out how to capitalize on all that coveted word-of-mouth and networking.
Part of the problem lies in the very nature of social networks: People just want to talk with their friends. And part of the problem is that outside of Facebook's stray ads, the two most talked about social networks (Facebook and Twitter don't really offer businesses clear-cut entry points because they don't yet need to--Twitter, for example, is flush with US$35 million in VC funding--but eventually a sustainable business model will be necessary. Just how that profit will be made and which social networks will reign supreme is a matter of opinion.

Written by Diann Daniel22 Feb. 09 22:00

Tony Scott on Microsoft's culture of innovation

Innovation is mandatory in today's ultracompetitive corporate landscape, especially for a tech giant like Microsoft. As CIO of Microsoft,Tony Scott must create a culture that encourages experimentation andinnovation while simultaneously creating clear guidelines about which creative ideas are worth pursuing. That the company is filled with talented technology professionals makes balancing those two forces-freedom and control-even more difficult.'s Editor in Chief Brian Carlson sat down with Scott to hear how the CIO tackles such challenges, whether Microsoft uses open-source tools, and why he advocates for internal customers.

Written by Diann Daniel16 Nov. 08 22:00

Self-promotion is not a crime

It’s a good time to aspire to IT stardom.
For one thing, there’s the growing number of IT leaders who enjoy celebrity status, people like Gregor Bailar (the former BankOne CIO who retired early to become a consultant and philanthropist) or Douglas Merrill (Google’s former CIO, wooed to go to EMI Music). Then there are the top-tier CIOs who command hefty salaries.

Written by Diann Daniel11 Aug. 08 22:00

CEOs face change management challenges

CEOs face major organisational changes and feel their companies are responding less well to those challenges, including new ways to take advantage of technology, according to an IBM survey.

Written by Diann Daniel09 May 08 22:00

Secrets to becoming a rising IT star

Success is not easy or simple. Even in the best of times, workplaces are fraught with changing conditions, political jockeying and limited room for advancement. And these are not the best times.

Written by Diann Daniel01 May 08 22:00

Winning the holiday shopping wars

Consumers may be duking it out for Nintendo Wiis in shopping aisles this year, but overall the battle for holiday spending dollars will be between the retailers. With consumers' awareness of a softening economy, retailers will be forced to into stiff competition for consumer dollars, according to the US National Retail Federation.
Sahir Anand, an analyst at the research consultancy Aberdeen Group, says this competitive landscape makes business intelligence critical. It represents the work of turning the massive customer and transaction data warehouses into useful guidance on everything from how to attract and deliver a great customer experience to what merchandise to stock and in what balance.

Written by Diann Daniel21 Nov. 07 22:00

Can Microsoft's electronic records change healthcare?

Meet Lisa. Lisa is a mother of two children, whose mother, coping with diabetes and asthma, lives with her. Microsoft's recently released free personal health record system, HealthVault, was created with someone like Lisa in mind. HealthVault can enable Lisa to upload her mother's peak-flow and glucose readings to her computer and share them with doctors. She can track her children's immunizations, allergies, illnesses and doctor's visits; search for information on illnesses and save to the HealthVault "scrapbook" what she finds.
As "custodian" of this health data, Lisa sets who sees what; for example, her daughter's track coach can see only relevant fitness information, and her son's doctor sees only his information. And she can choose add-ons from HealthVault partners. For example, Lisa could select the "in case of emergency" application and print out cards for her family to enable emergency room personnel to see crucial health information. (When she searches HealthVault for information, Lisa also will see advertisements which support the program's business model.)"

Written by Diann Daniel23 Oct. 07 21:00

Relax, exercise and sleep more to boost creativity

If late nights at work leave you groggy and ill-equipped to deal with a morning brainstorming session, here's why: The best ideas come from a healthy, rested brain.

Written by Diann Daniel02 Oct. 07 18:20

The Role of IT in Innovation: Friend or Foe?

Here's IT as an innovation enabler: An innovative IT team moves forward in step with the changing demands of the business - sometimes a little behind, sometimes in front, but for the most part, keeping in sync. That's how Stephen Agnoli, CIO at global law firm K&L Gates, sees it

Written by Diann Daniel02 Oct. 07 15:25

Tips to bring Web 2.0 to the enterprise

For many, Web 2.0 is the Wild West (especially when trying to bring it into the enterprise), and like any new frontier, the rules are a work in progress. Still, those who have gone before you offer some advice.

Written by Diann Daniel02 July 07 19:09