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The 'new ladder' of tech regulation

A key new report-- by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the United Nations body responsible for ICT policy -- certainly pulls no punches in its best practice recommendations to global governments about ICT regulation.

Written by Ross Storey20 May 11 09:54

'Unfit for the future'

Research by one of the UK’s major supplies of ‘future foresight’ has found that 60 percent of organisations are currently not considered ‘fit for the future’ and are at a considerable disadvantage to those who are ‘future thinkers’.
Ross O. Storey shared thoughts with Dr Michael Jackson, the chairman of, which helps nearly 13,000 people from more than 6,000 organisations across the globe anticipate and better prepare for emerging global opportunities and risks.

Written by Ross Storey20 May 10 22:00

Collaborating to compete

Established stock exchanges of the world have been forced to transform from an environment where there was little or no competition, due to high regulatory barriers of entry, to one of increasing competition and much lower entry requirements.
Many established exchanges are also facing increased competition from alternative trading systems. What hasn’t changed is the stellar expectations of investors, now hungry to recoup any losses they suffered in the global financial crisis.

Written by Ross Storey11 May 10 22:00

What about ‘cyber-insurance’?

With web and digital security such hot issues at the moment, there seems likely to be increasing demand for insurance companies to provide coverage to major enterprises who want to cover themselves against digital threats. Gerry Chng, partner in Ernst & Young (risk advisory services) talks about what’s available in
Asia Pacific relating to insurance against cyber risk.

Written by Ross Storey27 Jan. 10 22:00

C-level executives reveal top concerns

For the first time, this year, CIO Asia’s annual feeling of the pulse of senior IT executives targets the whole enterprise C-suite, including CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and CIOs, hence the change in the survey’s name from 2008.
This broadening of our research focus is in line with the strategic shift in MIS Asia magazine — which has been happening for more than 12 months — towards a more enterprise-wide appeal than to just the CIOs, although you hardworking and sometimes taken-for-granted business technologists, as always, remain high in our thoughts.

Written by Ross Storey18 Nov. 09 22:00