Stories by Bill Snyder

Modernising IT: How to thrive as a CIO ‘value broker’

IT is undergoing a sea change, thanks to shifting budgets and the rise of ‘shadow IT.’ But with company-wide vision, strong IT-business relationships and a focus on value, CIOs can expand their horizons.

Written by Bill Snyder26 Sept. 17 06:09

Why enterprise developers could save Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft continues to bleed mobile market share with Windows 10 Mobile, so why are some enterprise developers betting big on the platform's eventual success in the corporate world.

Written by Bill Snyder22 April 16 22:00

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT

These leading-edge jobs could prove to be the most lucrative careers in tomorrow’s tech

Written by Bill Snyder07 March 16 21:53

CIOs cautiously embrace Windows 10

Major OS upgrades are never easy, but according to CIOs and IT executives, the move to Windows 10 is the smoothest Microsoft OS transition in years, even if most of them are taking their time with the deployments.

Written by Bill Snyder18 Feb. 16 23:41

Scammers target Dell customers after apparent data breach

A number of Dell customers claim to have been contacted by scammers who had access to specific customer information that should have only been available to Dell. The company claims it hasn't been hacked but won't offer an explanation for the seemingly stolen data.

Written by Bill Snyder11 Jan. 16 18:32

Microsoft backtracks, returns free OneDrive storage

Microsoft last month slashed free OneDrive storage and made a number of unwelcome tweaks to paid plans, but thousands of consumer complaints inspired the company to reverse some — though not all — of the changes.

Written by Bill Snyder11 Dec. 15 23:54

4 simple ways to secure your Internet-connected car

Cars with systems that connect to the Internet are potentially vulnerable to intrusions by hackers. Here are four steps to help protect your automobile without spending a dime.

Written by Bill Snyder20 Nov. 15 17:49

Google Voice Search is gettting smarter

Recent improvements in the Google app let the search engine understand you better and handle more complex queries delivered in natural language.

Written by Bill Snyder17 Nov. 15 09:20

2 good reasons to avoid Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge doesn't current support browser extensions, and a new feature spotted in a leaked version of Windows 10 is sure to annoy anyone who wants to use Chrome or Firefox instead of Edge.

Written by Bill Snyder21 Oct. 15 16:55

9 signs your computer's hard drive is about to die

What's more boring than an old hard drive? Not much ... until it suddenly isn't. When that little package of chips, wires and glass dies, it can be panic time.

Written by Bill Snyder14 Aug. 15 23:35

FCC ruling could finally make telecoms eradicate 'robocalls'

I don't want to seem cranky or brash, but I really wish "Rachel" would stop calling me. Remember Rachel? That feminine voice on the other end of those "robocalls," telling you she's from cardholder services, a non-existent outfit that tries to scam the unsuspecting?

Written by Bill Snyder23 July 15 23:21

Why it's right for Google to resist the 'right to be forgotten'

I'm a fan of the nonprofit Consumer Watchdog, a group that generally lives up to that name, but its recent effort to push Google into an Orwellian form of censorship, the so-called "right to be forgotten," is a massive mistake.

Written by Bill Snyder09 July 15 23:55

Consumers love Samsung, but don't trust Apple or Facebook

Judging by its huge sales numbers and unrivaled consumer interest in its products, you'd think that no company in the tech arena was more beloved than Apple. Think again. It turns out Samsung is the "most reputable" tech company in the world, at least according to a recent survey of more than 5,000 consumers.

Written by Bill Snyder03 July 15 04:55