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AOL unplugs 10,000 servers, saves US$5 million

AOL decommissioned almost 10,000 servers and saved itself US$5 million along the way to winning a contest that highlights the cost of running inefficient or underused IT equipment.
Decommissioning a 1U rack server can save a company $500 a year in energy costs, $500 in OS licenses and $1500 in hardware maintenance costs, according to Uptime Institute, the industry group that organised the competition, which it called the Server Roundup Contest.

Written by James Niccolai28 March 12 23:00

For Microsoft's last CES keynote, Ballmer hawks Windows 8, Kinect

Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect technology will be available for Windows PCs in a few weeks and is destined for a lot more than just gaming, CEO Steve Ballmer said at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Monday.

Written by James Niccolai10 Jan. 12 16:20

Benioff comes out swinging at Oracle

The chief continued his spat with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison on Wednesday morning - and you might not see Marc Benioff at an Oracle conference again.

Written by James Niccolai06 Oct. 11 06:06

Cisco jumps into portable datacentre market

Cisco Systems launched its first containerised datacentre this week, coming late to the party but offering some unique management features that could help set it apart from other vendors.

Written by James Niccolai02 May 11 22:00

Oracle awarded US$1.3 billion in SAP lawsuit

A jury on has awarded Oracle US$1.3 billion in damages in its corporate theft lawsuit against SAP.
The award was a blow to the German applications vendor, which had argued it should pay no more than $40 million for the software stolen by its TomorrowNow subsidiary.

Written by James Niccolai22 Nov. 10 22:00

27 things you need to know about Oracle, SAP and HP

The last month has seen a blur of activity in Oracle's corporate theft lawsuit against SAP, which goes to trial in a California district court on Monday morning. SAP has conceded some misdeeds, Oracle has made a meal of it in the press, and HP has somehow been dragged into the kerfuffle. Here's what you need to know to understand what's going on with Oracle, SAP, HP and that now defunct company called TomorrowNow.

Written by James Niccolai30 Oct. 10 07:54

HP picks former SAP chief Apotheker as new CEO

Hewlett-Packard has named a former CEO of SAP, Leo Apotheker, to be its new president and chief executive, replacing Mark Hurd who resigned abruptly last month in the midst of a scandal.

Written by James Niccolai01 Oct. 10 07:06

Mark Hurd may take job at Oracle, report says

When Mark Hurd resigned unexpectedly from Hewlett-Packard last month he found an outspoken supporter in the form of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. It appears now that Hurd may end up working for Ellison, according to a report Saturday in the Wall Street Journal.

Written by James Niccolai06 Sept. 10 03:33

SAP bets big on mobile with Sybase acquisition

With its US$5.8 billion purchase of Sybase announced Wednesday, SAP is placing a big bet that mobile business applications are the way of the future.

Written by James Niccolai13 May 10 11:21

IBM, Sun unable to reach a deal

IBM and Sun Microsystems have been unable to reach agreement on the terms of an acquisition, with the talks nearing collapse on Sunday, the Wall Street Journal has reported.
Sun's board rejected a formal acquisition offer by IBM on Saturday, considering the offer price too low, the Journal said. Sun was also concerned that the offer gave IBM too much leeway to walk away from the deal, according to the newspaper, which cited unnamed sources familiar with the situation. IDG News Service, San Francisco Bureau

Written by James Niccolai05 April 09 22:00

Dell to take $280M charge against Q4 earnings

Dell will report a hefty charge against earnings when it reports its fourth-quarter financial results at the end of next month, the company announced Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai30 Jan. 09 02:02

Dutch company starts new Internet address system

A Dutch company has launched a new Internet addressing service that does away with the most common top-level domains (TLDs), such as .com and .edu, and allows organizations and individuals to register Internet addresses that end with the name of their business, or virtually any other word they choose.

Written by James Niccolai28 Nov. 05 11:51