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'HAL 9000' deleted 1 million UK tax records

The U.K.'s Inland Revenue department accidentally deleted almost 1 million taxpayer records from the years 1997 to 2000 because of an error in the way it maintained its databases, according to a report published Thursday.

Written by James Niccolai12 Sept. 05 08:45

Cell phones do not cause tumors, study finds

Using a mobile phone for 10 years does not significantly increase the risk of developing a tumor, according to a new study from the U.K.'s Institute of Cancer Research.
The investigation was the biggest to date that has studied the relationship between mobile phones and a type of tumor that occurs close to the ear called an acoustic neuroma, according to the study's authors.

Written by James Niccolai31 Aug. 05 22:00

Intelsat to buy satellite rival for $3.2 billion

Intelsat Ltd. has agreed to acquire satellite communications rival PanAmSat Holding Corp. for US$3.2 billion in cash, creating an industry heavyweight that will have 53 satellites covering 220 countries.
Both companies provide broadband Internet, telephony and video services. Intelsat has historically been strongest in voice and data, while PanAmSat is a big provider of video services to cable TV companies, including Cable News Network and MTV. That makes their businesses complementary, they said.

Written by James Niccolai29 Aug. 05 22:00

Finns urge better Wi-Fi security after bank break-in

Finland called on its citizens to take more care securing their Wi-Fi networks after it emerged this week that about Euro 200,000 (US$245,400) had been stolen from a local bank using an unprotected home network.

Written by James Niccolai19 Aug. 05 08:24

Closed-circuit TV may aid London bombing investigation

London's network of closed-circuit TV (CCTV) cameras may help investigators track down those responsible for the terrorist bomb attacks Thursday, which have left more than 50 people dead and several hundred injured, police said Friday.

Written by James Niccolai11 July 05 08:41

Oracle revenue jumps 26 percent in Q4

Oracle has reported a big jump in revenue for its fiscal fourth quarter, driven by its merger with PeopleSoft and strong sales from all product categories.
Revenue for the period, which ended May 31, came in at US$3.88 billion, up 26 percent from a year ago. Sales of new applications licenses were especially strong, growing 52 percent to $350 million, the company said.

Written by James Niccolai29 June 05 22:00

Oracle and Siebel held acquisition talks, reports say

Fresh from its takeover of PeopleSoft, Oracle was recently in discussions about the possibility of buying out another applications rival, Siebel Systems, although the talks are no longer active, according to published reports.

Written by James Niccolai03 May 05 08:36

HP claims molecular computing breakthrough

Researchers at HP have created a molecular-scale device that they say could one day replace the transistors used in today's computer chips.

Written by James Niccolai02 Feb. 05 08:05

Analyst fuels talk of Google telephony service

Comments from a U.K. industry analyst have added to speculation that Google is planning to offer a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony service.

Written by James Niccolai25 Jan. 05 08:27

Oracle, under fire, admits to database security holes

Oracle Corp. has acknowledged the existence of multiple security holes in its database software and said it plans to issue a security alert shortly. The U.K. security expert who found the holes criticized Oracle's conduct, saying that it has been sitting on patches that would fix the holes for about two months.

Written by James Niccolai03 Aug. 04 21:01

Red Hat to launch Java app server

Red Hat is set to release its first Java application server at the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco, broadening its business beyond the Linux open source operating system, industry sources said.
Red Hat Application Server will be sold on a subscription basis with services and support, in a similar pricing model to that which Red Hat uses for its Linux OS, according to the sources. Pricing is likely to also be announced Monday.

Written by James Niccolai29 July 04 22:00

Comdex cancelled due to lack of interest

MediaLive International Inc. said on Wednesday that it is cancelling this year's Comdex trade show because of a lack of support from the industry's biggest IT vendors.

Written by James Niccolai23 June 04 17:50

BEA tries open-source tack with Workshop Java tool

BEA Systems plans to release the source code for part of its WebLogic Workshop Java development environment, a move that it hopes will spur wider use of the product and eventually steer more customers toward its WebLogic family of Java server software, the company said Wednesday.

Written by James Niccolai20 May 04 08:00

Oracle adds proposals software to Oracle Sales

Oracle has launched a new version of Oracle Sales, part of its E-Business Suite of applications, that includes a module designed to help sales representatives create new sales proposals more quickly.
The new module in Oracle Sales, called Oracle Proposals, is meant to reduce the time it takes a sales representative to draft a proposal by offering templates that generate customer-ready proposals, Wookey said.

Written by James Niccolai13 Sept. 03 22:00