Stories by Mari-Len De Guzman

Web 2.0 at work

Social networking tools, like wikis and blogs, will have a place in what the CIO of the Government of Canada is calling a paradigm shift towards a Government 2.0 workplace. It's all about changing the way people work and collaborate, with Web 2.0-based technology enabling this transformation.
Ken Cochrane shares his thoughts on the changing face of public service, the aging workforce, and government's green initiatives.

Written by Mari-Len De Guzman11 Nov. 07 22:00

Slamming the company door on porn

Your organization's next e-mail filtering software may come equipped with a blocking component that prevents pornographic content from entering the corporate network.

Written by Mari-Len De Guzman25 July 07 21:22

Spam may threaten VOIP

Voice over IP (VOIP) may be gaining ground in the consumer market, but companies are taking their VOIP deployment one step at a time, generally using the technology within the confines of the enterprise network.

Written by Mari-Len De Guzman07 Sept. 05 19:44