Stories by Stacy Collett

Credit card fraud: What you need to know now

Credit and payment card thieves are getting more sophisticated as chipped cards drive them to account takeover and card-not-present schemes.

Written by Stacy Collett30 Aug. 17 20:00

How Cisco combats fast-maturing cybercrime networks

As Steve Martino approaches his 10-year anniversary as vice president and CISO at Cisco Systems, his job has morphed from treating security as simply a must-have to it becoming a strategic imperative for the company.

Written by Stacy Collett30 May 17 23:54

That online job candidate may be carrying a virus

LinkedIn and other social networks are becoming targets for threat actors since they know it's a great way to bypass company's defenses, according to cybersecurity firm Cylance. LinkedIn is typically a site that is not blocked by network filters to allow HR departments the freedom to communicate with prospective job candidates.

Written by Stacy Collett25 Jan. 17 22:18

Hackers wanted

As its ‘bad guy’ stereotype wanes, hacker job postings in the enterprise jump 700% in three years.

Written by Stacy Collett06 Dec. 16 22:06

Rise of the IoT machines

Who is responsible for preventing DDoS attacks involving IoT devices?

Written by Stacy Collett26 Oct. 16 06:00

What’s in a security score?

In May, FICO upped its own scoring game. It acquired cybersecurity firm QuadMetrics to create its own brand of enterprise security scores for enterprises. The new scoring tool, available in August, uses predictive analytics and security risk assessment tools to issue scores and predict a company’s likelihood of a significant breach compared to other firms within the next 12 months.

Written by Stacy Collett04 Aug. 16 20:11

Why legal departments begrudge the cloud

Legal professionals are by their nature a skeptical and cautious lot, but the sharp rise in cloud-based applications being used by enterprises and law firms, as well as recent high-profile law firm security breaches, has many legal professionals reticent about entering cloud engagements.

Written by Stacy Collett06 June 16 19:57

How analytics empowers business

The 2014 Computerworld Data+ Editors' Choice Awards honorees were selected for their ability to make better business decisions using big data.

Written by Stacy Collett08 Sept. 14 17:45

Ready, set, compete: The benefits of IT innovation

Welcome to 2013. As IT budgets loosen up and new projects get queued up, IT is learning to quickly tap into creative ideas for competitive advantage in a cutthroat marketplace.

Written by Stacy Collett14 Jan. 13 11:04

How to stop fraud

Bernard Madoff, Allen Stanford and California money manager Danny Pang may be the latest examples of outrageous fraud. But what about the little guys? The administrator, middle manager or call-center rep?

Written by Stacy Collett07 July 09 04:10

Five steps to evaluating business continuity services

In the past, most enterprises defined a disaster as an act of nature--a hurricane, tornado, flood or fire that wipes out their ability to conduct business as usual. Today, with worldwide networks, 24/7 customer call centers and Web applications, a common electrical failure could spell disaster when communication is interrupted in the supply chain, online transactions are halted or networks are down. Online resource has even added "business failure" to the list of calamitous events that define a disaster.

Written by Stacy Collett31 Jan. 08 06:33