Stories by Thor Olavsrud

10 principles of a successful IoT strategy

Former Amazon executive John Rossman says these 10 principles can help leaders successfully approach the internet of things.

Written by Thor Olavsrud31 Jan. 17 03:13

5 data breach predictions for 2017

To help you stay ahead of emerging threats, here are five key data breach trends that you should anticipate in 2017.

Written by Thor Olavsrud10 Jan. 17 02:03

Millennials push for public cloud, innovation

Millennials are moving into IT decision-maker roles in their organizations. A study by Microsoft and Wakefield Research suggests they are more likely than their non-millennial peers to push their organizations to embrace the public cloud and adjust IT policies to better enable innovation.

Written by Thor Olavsrud03 Jan. 17 03:18

Top 5 internet of things trends of 2016

The internet of things (IoT) promises to change our world --- and 2016 was the year it began to realize that potential.

Written by Thor Olavsrud27 Dec. 16 00:49

Top 4 security trends of 2016

As digital transformation overtook the enterprise in 2016, security professionals have struggled to keep up with a shifting technology and cultural landscape while keeping one eye ahead on the threat horizon.

Written by Thor Olavsrud21 Dec. 16 04:05

IBM building blockchain ecosystem

To help build an ecosystem around IBM Blockchain and the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric, Big Blue is offering a revenue-sharing program, along with tools and expert support.

Written by Thor Olavsrud07 Dec. 16 05:10

Executives still mistrust insights from data and analytics

Organizations say they are increasingly focusing on data-driven decision-making to guide their businesses, but a majority of business leaders lack confidence in the insights generated from data and analytics. Professional services firm KPMG says data and analytics leaders need to make establishing trust a priority.

Written by Thor Olavsrud03 Nov. 16 06:29

Internet of Things poised to transform cities

Local, state and federal government officials agree that smart cities initiatives, enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), will deliver cost and operational efficiencies.

Written by Thor Olavsrud01 Nov. 16 00:26

Companies complacent about data breach preparedness

The good news is that most organizations now have a data breach preparedness plan. But the bad news that many don't review, update or practice it, according to a new study,

Written by Thor Olavsrud29 Oct. 16 04:39

How IoT makes electricity generation more efficient

With the help of GE Power, the New York Power Authority is leveraging sensors and predictive analytics to reduce unplanned downtime and make its 16 generating facilities and more than 1,400 circuit-miles of transmission lines more efficient.

Written by Thor Olavsrud10 Oct. 16 22:45

IBM invests $200 million in Watson IoT AI business

Citing escalating demand from customers looking to transform their operations with Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technologies, IBM makes a $200 million investment in the IBM Watson IoT global headquarters in Munich.

Written by Thor Olavsrud05 Oct. 16 03:21

How to protect your mission-critical information

A new report by the Information Security Forum (ISF) outlines the steps you can take to determine your mission-critical information assets &and create customized plans for protecting them.

Written by Thor Olavsrud22 Sept. 16 02:11