Stories by Thor Olavsrud

Apache Arrow aims to accelerate analytical workloads

Arrow is designed to serve as a common data representation for big data processing and storage systems, allowing data to be shared between systems and processes without the CPU overhead caused by serialization, deserialization or memory copies.

Written by Thor Olavsrud18 Feb. 16 01:53

Why CIOs need to plan for API deprecation

As the strategic value of APIs continue to grow, so do the risks associated with the common act of updating or retiring them. H

Written by Thor Olavsrud17 Feb. 16 01:15

Defending against insider security threats hangs on trust

If your security strategy only considers malicious insiders when addressing the insider threat, you may be miscalculating the risk. Accidental incidents are nearly impossible to guard against.

Written by Thor Olavsrud23 Jan. 16 03:30

Top 10 security stories of 2015

In the wake of data breaches, cyber espionage and cybercrime, organizations in 2015 gave security a higher profile than ever before.

Written by Thor Olavsrud30 Dec. 15 16:09

Don't look for unicorns, build a data science team

Bob Rogers, chief data scientist with Intel's Big Data Solutions, says that rather than seeking out rare individuals who excel in all the areas that encompass data science, CIOs should build data science teams with complementary talents.

Written by Thor Olavsrud03 Dec. 15 19:14

Organizations sloppy about securing privileged accounts

While most companies have processes in place for managing administrative and other privileged accounts -- the sorts of credentials frequently used in high-profile data breaches for the past several years -- most do a poor job of enforcing those processes.

Written by Thor Olavsrud17 Nov. 15 17:54

Accenture invests in artificial intelligence R&D

Accenture says it is committing a significant portion of its global research and development to artificial intelligence and is opening a new Accenture Technology Lab and Centre for Innovation in Dublin, Ireland.

Written by Thor Olavsrud05 Nov. 15 20:30

Partnership powers predictive and prescriptive analytics

The combination of GoodData's cloud-based analytics distribution platform and Absolutdata's big data analytics consulting expertise will help the partners accelerate their clients' ability to deploy predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Written by Thor Olavsrud04 Nov. 15 19:32

How to succeed at digital transformation

Most companies are struggling to make digital a competitive advantage. According to a new report by Accenture Interactive and Forrester Consulting, digital transformation requires leadership that can align departmental stakeholders behind a clear vision.

Written by Thor Olavsrud28 Oct. 15 17:42