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Microsoft to simplify licensing lingo

Aiming to make the licensing terms for its products less complex, Microsoft plans to publish in July a shortened and simplified version of its "Product Use Rights" document.

Written by Joris Evers12 May 05 08:39

Microsoft unwraps Windows Mobile 5.0

Microsoft, as expected, unveiled a new version of its operating system for mobile devices that it says offers increased reliability, improved hardware support and a host of new features to both entertain users and make them more productive.

Written by Joris Evers11 May 05 08:41

Microsoft slams XP in call for Longhorn support

Microsoft on Tuesday badmouthed its own work on networking and hardware support in Windows XP in order to sell hardware makers on new technologies it has planned for Longhorn, the next version of Windows due late next year.

Written by Joris Evers27 April 05 08:00

Corel adds e-mail client to WordPerfect suite

Corel on Tuesday announced a small business version of its WordPerfect Office 12 suite that includes a new WordPerfect Mail e-mail client.

Written by Joris Evers27 April 05 08:00

Microsoft aims 'Metro' at Adobe

The next version of Windows will include a new document format, code-named "Metro," to print and share documents. Metro appears to rival Adobe Systems Inc.'s PostScript and PDF (portable document format) technologies.
Metro was demonstrated during Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates' keynote at the start of the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) in Seattle.

Written by Joris Evers26 April 05 22:00

Ballmer: We want to help you manage all of your IT

Microsoft wants to help enterprises manage their entire IT environments, not just Windows systems, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Steve Ballmer told attendees at the Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

Written by Joris Evers21 April 05 09:00

Microsoft preparing Windows XP thin clients

Microsoft is working on two thin client versions of Windows XP to offer a lower cost operating system alternative for users of server-centric computing, people familiar with the company's plans said.

Written by Joris Evers21 April 05 08:59

Mac, iPod sales bring Apple record earnings

Apple Computer Inc. on Wednesday reported record quarterly earnings and revenue on significant increases in Macintosh computer and iPod digital media player shipments.

Written by Joris Evers13 April 05 21:53

New bugs found in MS Explorer, Outlook

Microsoft Corp. is investigating a new set of potentially serious security flaws in Internet Explorer and Outlook reported by security company eEye Digital Security Inc.
The two flaws in the Web browser and e-mail client could let an attacker take control over a system with minimal action from the user, eEye said in two security alerts posted on its page of upcoming advisories. The company ranks the flaws "high" risk.

Written by Joris Evers03 April 05 22:00

Oracle again outbids SAP for Retek

Oracle increased its bid for Retek to US$11.25 per share late Thursday, again outbidding rival SAP in the tug-of-war for the retail software maker.

Written by Joris Evers21 March 05 09:09

Microsoft, Intel team to target health-care market

Microsoft Corp. and Intel Corp. have partnered to create products and services targeted at European health-care providers, who the vendors say have antiquated IT infrastructures.
The partnership to create an E-Health Integration Platform currently covers Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but the companies are looking to expand across Europe and possibly beyond, representatives for Microsoft and Intel said. The partnership agreement was formally signed at the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany.

Written by Joris Evers11 March 05 22:00

Microsoft researchers target worms, buffer overruns

Researchers at Microsoft have shown off some forward-looking technologies, including new ways to protect systems against Internet worms, prevent hacker attacks and measure available bandwidth on home networks.

Written by Joris Evers04 March 05 15:02

Microsoft nudges Tablet PCs into the mainstream

Two years after its introduction, Microsoft Corp. is seeking to drive its Tablet PC technology into the mainstream with lower prices. But some analysts say that alone won't do the trick -- and not many PC vendors are helping Microsoft's effort.
Microsoft and vendors including Toshiba Corp. and Acer Inc. want to move beyond niche markets, so they will no longer target Tablet PCs chiefly at mobile professionals and specific industries such as health care and insurance. This year both Acer and Toshiba will start selling tablets that are not as thin, light or powerful as their predecessors, but are up to 25 percent cheaper.

Written by Joris Evers31 Jan. 05 22:00

Adobe pictures new digital photo format

Adobe Systems has introduced a new file format for digital photos that it hopes will replace the plethora of formats used today for so-called raw files.
Raw files contain the information captured by a camera sensor before any in-camera processing. The raw digital camera files offer increased control over the image, and their use is increasingly popular, especially among professional photographers and digital photography hobbyists, according to Adobe.

Written by Joris Evers28 Sept. 04 22:00

Stripped down Longhorn still offers gems

Even though Microsoft's much-anticipated Longhorn has been stripped of its unified file system and some of its other key Longhorn technologies will be available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, the next Windows release will still be worth the upgrade, according to Microsoft.

Written by Joris Evers07 Sept. 04 08:30