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Microsoft delivers Windows Vista beta

After four long years of talking the talk, Microsoft on Wednesday gave the outside world its first official look at its next generation operating system, shipping Beta 1 Release of the recently renamed Windows Vista.

Written by Ed Scannell28 July 05 09:40

HP rolls out improved identity suite

Hewlett-Packard beefed up its OpenView identity management suite of applications on Wednesday with a number of federation and compliance features, and also announced it has agreed to extend its existing technical agreement with Citrix Systems.

Written by Ed Scannell14 July 05 08:44

Interview: Viper set to strike

With the delivery in 2006 of the next version of DB2, code-named Viper, IBM's quest for a database that hooks up structured and unstructured data and that supports queries by SQL and Xquery might reach its end. At least that is the belief of Janet Perna, general manager of IBM Software's information management division. Perna sees Viper, expected to enter formal beta testing by September, as big a step forward technologically -- as big a leap as the one made in going from hierarchical to relational databases. However, she says this transition should be significantly easier for larger IT shops because Viper is already built on relational technology and contains a much heavier dose of XML, which will make integration, development, and integration easier.

Written by Ed Scannell10 July 05 22:00

Microsoft to ship Longhorn with RSS

Microsoft has announced its intention to fully support the RSS Web publishing standard in its next generation version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, along with plans to help application developers more easily create RSS-enabled applications for Windows.

Written by Ed Scannell27 June 05 08:01

IBM unveils privacy software

Claiming a technology breakthrough in privacy and security, IBM on Tuesday introduced software that allows corporate users to share information with each other and government agencies without having to reveal private personal details.

Written by Ed Scannell25 May 05 08:20

Will Longhorn be short on features?

While Microsoft Corp. continues raising Longhorn, rivals are seizing the operating system's extended adolescence to develop competing feature sets of their own.

Written by Ed Scannell18 March 05 07:40

IBM tops off Power 5-based server line

Targeting Unix archrivals Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems, IBM on Friday topped off the high end of its Power 5-based line of iSeries and pSeries servers, rolling out three systems all capable of hosting as many as 250 virtual servers on a single machine.

Written by Ed Scannell18 Oct. 04 08:18

Ex CA boss Kumar pleads not guilty

Former Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar pleaded not guilty on Thursday in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn, New York, to charges of securities fraud and obstruction of justice involving a multi-billion dollar accounting scandal.

Written by Ed Scannell24 Sept. 04 08:32

Spruced up 64-bit Windows beta ready

Microsoft on Wednesday made available the latest builds of its 64-bit version of Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, that each features a handful of new improvements including the Luna user interface, Windows Messenger, Windows Media Player, infrastructure support for Bluetooth, and the .Net Framework 1.1.

Written by Ed Scannell19 Aug. 04 10:26

IBM rolls out midrange eServer i5

IBM filled the centre of its Power 5-based eServer i5 lineup on Tuesday, unwrapping a four-way system aimed at midsize companies looking to consolidate a variety of business applications.

Written by Ed Scannell18 Aug. 04 08:16

BEA rolls out Java-based environment

BEA Systems bolstered its Java-based development strategy Monday, rolling out new software that allows corporate and third-party developers to create and deploy any Java or service-based application for its WebLogic server.

Written by Ed Scannell23 March 04 08:07

Interview: Office System tightens client and server bond

Microsoft's Gydis Barzdukas would seem to be a man in the right place and right time to carry out Microsoft's stated strategic goal of more closely knitting together its Windows Server 2003, SharePoint servers, and Office System 2003 products. While Barzdukas has for the past 20 months served as Director of Office Product Management, over the past nine years at Microsoft he helped guide Exchange Server and SharePoint Portal Server to market. Barzdukas sat down with Editor At Large Ed Scannell to discuss how Microsoft is positioning Office System 2003 as a development platform, how it is resonating with developers, and how future versions of Office might exploit Longhorn.
InfoWorld: Some analysts are saying that the deferred revenues from Office are way down.

Written by Ed Scannell29 Feb. 04 22:00