Stories by Tom Spring

Epson faces consumer suits

SAN FRANCISCO (10/24/2003) - Consumers fed up with the high cost of ink jet cartridges are taking Epson America Inc. to court, accusing it of manipulating equipment in order to sell more ink. A lawsuit filed Friday in District Court in Texas claims some models of Epson ink jet cartridges prematurely block Epson printers from functioning even though "substantial ink" remains in the cartridge.

Written by Tom Spring25 Oct. 03 00:46

Feature: Web ad explosion

Has your browser's home page changed suddenly in recent months? Does your desktop sport a toolbar you don't remember asking for? Is your system tray crowded with mystery applications? You're not imagining things: Online advertising is more cunning, aggressive, and infuriating than ever. More than 25 percent of top Web destinations now use some kind of in-your-face marketing tactics, according to the Internet research firm Cyveillance Inc.
Worse, corporate America is financing some of these intrusive ad campaigns. A PC World investigation shows that in today's complex Web economy, even reputable companies such as Citibank, Ford Motor Co., and Sears, Roebuck & Co. can wind up paying commissions to aggressive Web marketers-often without realizing it. And since the marketers have little or no government regulation to hamper them-and enjoy the powerful incentive of lucrative ad budgets to underwrite their costs-the new and aggravating practices aren't likely to go away anytime soon.

Written by Tom Spring15 June 03 22:00