Stories by Shane Schick

When human capital management meets human nature

Almost every CEO says the same thing at some point, and employees’ eyes start rolling: “Our people are our greatest asset.” How can you be considered an asset if the company doesn’t invest in the tools that help ensure success?

Written by Shane Schick23 Nov. 11 08:36

It takes two: A CEO-CIO conversation on leadership

Charaka Kithulegoda keeps looking at his boss, who just told a room full of other CIOs how much he likes him. No wonder he has the confidence to talk about the success and occasional failures of innovation.
The CIO of ING Direct Canada admits that while new ideas flourish at the bank, not all of them take off. He referenced the company’s early foray, about 10 years ago, in biometric security. It was an idea a little ahead of its time.

Written by Shane Schick23 Oct. 10 22:00

Birth of a movement

It is not a new IT industry association. It is not a series of high-tech conferences. It is not a strategic alliance of vendors and technology executives. You won’t see much about it on Twitter and Facebook. In fact, at press time, there was still no website to speak of.
So what on Earth are Ted Maulucci and his colleagues up to?

Written by Shane Schick15 Sept. 10 22:00

CIOs: Focus on learning, not performance goals

Canadian research is backing up what many CIOs have probably known for a long time -- leaders respond much better to negative feedback when they are focused on what they're learning rather than what they have achieved.

Written by Shane Schick03 Aug. 10 06:39

CIO study says IT leaders could one day be CEOs

Canadian CIOs have all the key leadership competencies they need if they were motivated to one day take on a CEO job and running an entire enterprise, based on research findings presented at an industry event on Thursday.

Written by Shane Schick17 April 10 05:16

Everyone's a CPO

I'm not sure what happened when a doctor from Sick Kids left his hard drive in the middle of Pearson International Airport, but I'm willing to bet he didn't go running to the hospital's IT manager.

Written by Shane Schick04 Sept. 07 18:40