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Liddell secures Lifetime Achievement award

Expatriate Chris Liddell, the chief financial officer for American car giant General Motors, has been recognised with the inaugural Lifetime Achievement award as part of the 2011 New Zealand CFO awards.

Written by Fiona Rotherham01 March 11 22:00

It's about thriving, not just surviving

In the well-known management book Built to Last, co-authors Jim Collins and Jerry Porras pose the question: Why do some corporations last so long while others struggle to get by or quickly fade away?
The pair seek answers by studying 18 successful United States companies and comparing their performance with that of a competitor which is not doing so well. One of the book's insights is that each of the visionary companies established a set of core values from infancy and never wavered from them, even in hard times.

Written by Fiona Rotherham09 July 09 22:00