Stories by Jarina D'Auria

Bulletproofing the IT Budget

As the recession rolls on, there's no question that budgets will be further scrutinized. As a CIO it's time-if you haven't done so already-to get your hands dirty. More on <a href="">Memo from the CFO: Strategies to Survive Budget Meetings</a> <a href="">Your IT Budget: When Cutting Costs, Look to the Future</a>

Written by Jarina D'Auria28 May 09 03:45

How CIOs Control IT Costs

Call it the CIO's dilemma: As IT leaders cut budgets in response to rising economic pressures, some find they must also deal with a spike in demand for IT services by their end users.

Written by Jarina D'Auria30 April 09 09:58

Securing Virtual Machines Starts With Sound Policies

The ease and speed of deploying a virtualized environment has allowed some IT professionals to overlook <a href="">security concerns</a> that may be brewing up in the cloud. More on <a href="">Today's Virtualization Security Tools: One Hidden Risk</a> <a href="">Virtualization Security Assessment Guides Inadequate, Tools Lacking</a>

Written by Jarina D'Auria08 Jan. 09 04:52

CIOs earn seat at leadership table

As the role of technology becomes undeniably more important within business, senior management has begun recognising technology as central to innovation and competitive advantage.

Written by Jarina D'Auria13 April 08 22:00

Breaking the rules

Growing up in the digital age, Millennials (those born after 1980) are far less likely to leave their preference of technology, specifically Web 2.0 applications, behind as they head to work.

Written by Jarina D'Auria03 April 08 23:00

Outsmarting the competition

Leadership expert Jim Champy, who co-wrote Reengineering the Corporation, is chairman of Perot Systems consulting practice. His latest book is Outsmart!: How to Do What Your Competitors Can't.

Written by Jarina D'Auria30 March 08 23:00