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Microsoft set to ship Great Plains successor

Microsoft Corp.'s Business Solutions group next month plans to release the first iteration of its much-touted retooled and rebranded set of ERP applications, Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0.

Written by Marc L. Songini21 Nov. 05 14:46

GAO: Navy sinks $1B into failed ERP pilot projects

The U.S. Navy has wasted US$1 billion since 1998 on four flawed ERP pilot projects based on SAP AG software, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Written by Marc L. Songini10 Nov. 05 22:26

Oracle's Phillips outlines Siebel strategy

Oracle President Charles Phillips laid out the welcome mat Thursday to the users his company will soon inherit from CRM software vendor Siebel Systems, assuring them lifetime support for their applications and the benefits of integration with his company's back-end software.

Written by Marc L. Songini21 Oct. 05 07:07

SAP exec tells CIOs to innovate or be passed by

Facing the threat of being outsourced, corporate CIOs must remake themselves, more thoroughly understand their businesses, eliminate waste and innovate their company's IT processes.

Written by Marc L. Songini29 Sept. 05 08:18

Users wonder whether Siebel buy is too much for Oracle

Some users are wondering whether Oracle Corp., with its ambitious US$5.85 billion buyout of onetime CRM software rival Siebel Systems Inc., may be gorging on more acquisitions than it can digest.

Written by Marc L. Songini19 Sept. 05 08:29

Oracle offers updated Database 10g

Oracle is rolling out the latest iteration of its Database 10g software, which boosts self management capabilities and builds on the company's grid computing initiative.

Written by Marc L. Songini21 June 05 07:59

US firm bows out of major UK IT modernization project

A Burlington, Vt.-based software vendor working on an US$11.2 billion IT overhaul of the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) has been removed from a major part of the project.

Written by Marc L. Songini08 June 05 21:53

Users at I2 event see global supply chain challenges

Globalization is having a bigger impact on companies' supply chain management systems, requiring greater scalability of applications and better integration with far-flung partners.

Written by Marc L. Songini12 May 05 21:18

Siebel looks to return to its roots, focus

Hoping for a return to revenue growth, Siebel Systems officials are looking to roll out a new set of componentized technologies, continue cutting operational costs and even pursue new acquisitions. The once high-flying CRM software vendor has been beset by sluggish sales, and it recently ousted CEO Mike Lawrie -- largely over issues with the company's execution. He had been on the job less than a year.

Written by Marc L. Songini09 May 05 09:06

Lawrie's ouster a sign of competitive challenges

Wednesday's ouster of Michael Lawrie as CEO of Siebel Systems Inc. in the wake of a weak first-quarter financial showing is further evidence that the CRM market leader is continuing to struggle with increased competition from rival vendors, some users and analysts said Wednesday morning.

Written by Marc L. Songini13 April 05 21:16

HP struggles with second SAP project

After suffering a major black eye from a poorly executed migration to SAP AG's ERP (enterprise resource planning) software in its server division, Hewlett-Packard Co. is working to turn around another problematic SAP installation whose schedule has been stretched by two years.
The latest difficulties -- blamed primarily on a lack of adequate internal processes -- are being encountered at HP's Global Supply Operations unit, which provides spare parts and repair services across the company and has annual revenue of US$2 billion. HP officials acknowledged that an aggressive schedule early on didn't allow for adequate mapping of business processes or the implementation of change management capabilities.

Written by Marc L. Songini12 March 05 22:00

Users hungry for Project Green details

The Microsoft Business Solutions Group's retooled and refined message about the next generation of its applications platform is drawing mixed reviews from customers.

Written by Marc L. Songini11 March 05 17:15

Interview: Microsoft exec on Project Green

Doug Burgum, senior vice president of the Microsoft Business Solutions Business Group, and other executives at Convergence 2005 user show unveiled a road map for development across the group's four product lines in an initiative known as "Project Green." The initiative includes extending the support time for the current applications and phasing in changes in two major waves using technologies such as Web services and role-based interfaces.
Sometime after 2008, Microsoft Corp. plans to offer a software suite that incorporates the best of each product line and allows companies to easily map out their own business processes. The following interview with Burgum is based on comments made to Computerworld and statements at public forums.

Written by Marc L. Songini08 March 05 22:00