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SOA governance: Balancing process and agility

I have seen many companies fall into two different traps when attempting to <a href="">implement SOA governance</a>. The first trap is not having a robust enough governance model. The second trap is having so much process that it takes forever to get things done. The trick is balancing process and agility.

Written by Mike Kavis24 Sept. 08 07:29

Questions to ask before building a SOA testing team

We questioned three individuals to get viewpoints on SOA testing from three different perspectives: trainer, vendor, practitioner. Randy Rice is a leading author, speaker and consultant in the field of software testing and software quality. Randy's company provides training for SOA testing. Frank Cohen is an author and founder of open source testing software company, Push2Test. Jim Giddings is a practitioner and former SOA road warrior who has worked on several SOA initiatives over the past few years.
What is the biggest change that SOA brings to testing?

Written by Mike Kavis13 Sept. 08 22:00