Stories by Nancy Gohring

Managing BYOD expenses: How to get it right

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become an accepted practice in business. Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of all employers will require workers to supply their own devices for work. Yet there are mixed reports about whether BYOD actually saves businesses money.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Nov. 14 22:38

Cloud BI: Going where the data lives

Historically, cloud BI has been mostly used by smaller businesses, but larger enterprises are starting to make the trek.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 Aug. 14 20:48

Kundra, first CIO of US, joins Salesforce

Salesforce on Monday said that Vivek Kundra, who was the first person to serve as CIO of the U.S. federal government, has joined the company as executive vice president of emerging markets.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 Jan. 12 06:12

Google's Motorola buy may offer boost to Microsoft

With most acquisitions, there are winners and losers. Google's buy of Motorola is no different, but in this case, neither of those companies comes out a winner, analysts say. "

Written by Nancy Gohring16 Aug. 11 04:52

Starbucks shares lessons of going mobile

An Android app and the ability to order a drink from a mobile phone are coming soon, an executive from Starbucks said as he shared lessons and tips from his company's experience offering mobile applications.

Written by Nancy Gohring17 May 11 03:50

Even Microsoft's CIO struggles with cloud, consumer devices

He may run IT for one of the best-known names in technology, but even Microsoft's CIO is grappling with new technology challenges like moving to the cloud and handling consumer electronics that employees bring to work.

Written by Nancy Gohring24 Feb. 11 08:32

Ray Ozzie to leave Microsoft

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect and the executive responsible for pushing the company into the cloud, plans to step down, Microsoft said on Monday.

Written by Nancy Gohring19 Oct. 10 08:50

The year of the new mobile operating system

2007 could be called the year of the mobile operating system.
Since Microsoft entered the scene around five years ago, the smartphone operating system industry has been fairly stable. Symbian, Linux, Research in Motion and Windows Mobile make up the bulk of smartphone software, each to varying degrees of success in different regions.

Written by Nancy Gohring19 Dec. 07 22:00

Microsoft fires CIO

Microsoft fired its Chief Information Officer, Stuart Scott, the company confirmed on Tuesday.

Written by Nancy Gohring07 Nov. 07 10:20

Kiwi lawyer succeeds Vint Cerf at ICANN

ICANN sought to allay fears that come with leadership change as it announced a new chairman for the group, replacing the charismatic Vint Cerf.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) elected Peter Dengate Thrush, a board member who has been involved in ICANN since its inception, as its new chairman.

Written by Nancy Gohring03 Nov. 07 22:00

Vodafone to launch HSDPA

Vodafone Group said it plans to trial in the UK HSDPA (High Speed Download Packet Access) early next year, with a commercial introduction to follow mid-year.

Written by Nancy Gohring20 Sept. 05 11:50

Oracle to buy Siebel in $5.85 billion deal

Oracle Corp. has agreed to acquire business applications vendor Siebel Systems Inc. in a deal valued at approximately US$5.85 billion, or a net value of $3.61 billion taking into account Siebel's cash reserves.
The deal marks Oracle's latest step in its bid to remake itself as a global business applications powerhouse, following the closure of its $10.3 billion acquisition of PeopleSoft Inc. at the start of the year.

Written by Nancy Gohring12 Sept. 05 22:00