Stories by Allan Holmes

User-friendly IT governance

A new version of Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (Cobit), an IT governance framework, is better organized and provides clearer links between IT processes and business goals -- improvements that make this tool something CIOs should seriously consider using, says Craig Symons, an analyst at Forrester Research.

Written by Allan Holmes05 July 06 20:04

Why the g-men aren't IT men

In the past few months, FBI CIO Zalmai Azmi has been very careful not to say, "I told you so." After the FBI was forced to scrap its US$170 million virtual case file (VCF), a case management system, because of numerous delays, cost overruns and incompatible software, Azmi was finally given full authority over the agency's IT budget and encouraged to centralize much of the IT decision making at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C. He and other top executives at the FBI recognize that they must radically change the agency's culture if the Bureau is ever going to get the high-tech analysis and surveillance tools it needs to effectively fight terrorism. The FBI, they say, must move from a decentralized amalgam of 56 field offices that are deeply distrustful of technology, outsiders and each other to a seamlessly integrated global intelligence operation capable of sharing information and preventing crimes in real-time.

Written by Allan Holmes14 June 05 20:48